I do agree that there is so much more that boonex could do to improve the market, beta test auditing etc, but this is a step in the right direction.

I think the problem is that if boonex impose too many restrictions, tests, penalties and generaly make it difficult for developers will leave and go elsewhere (I believe this is what boonex are affraid of). Dolphin without developers will be like a car without a key....

The other half of the problem is with the users. If we can not get reliable see more mods to that function as they should and enable our sites to compete in the internet market place then we leave boonex and go elsewhere too.

A balancing act is required here.

My personal oppinion is this. Developers (wether forced by boonex to produce quality products or not) should ALWAYS strive to and only release Quality products that have been EXTENSIVELY tested and are known to be reliable. They should also offer the best customer service they can. It's not rocket science. If your mods are reliable and do as they say, people will buy them. It is like my website that I am building- I have taken an extra 4 months to get it right before I release it as a product. if I think there is even the slightest problem with it then I will NOT release it onto a public market.
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