Why cant Moderators just "flag" inappropriate comments in the blog?
Previously we had the ability to 'hide' comments everywhere in BoonEx. Since the upgrade to the Unity site, we have lost some of those abilities. Im sure they will get back to us sometime or another.
I hope not this gives the seller the ability to hide derogatory post and complaints that need to be available.
Only Moderators/SuperModerators have the ability to hide comments. We do not hide negative comments on a product just because we feel like it.
Thank you for that, that makes me feel better, but that only may be the policy you abide by, and everyone may not feel the same way or may not abide by the same standard that you do. and to give the man the benefit of the doubt, he may just have other things he is doing that he feels are more of a priority, but I looked at all the evidense before taking action in this matter, I really don't like having to go to such extreme but I feel based upon the research I did that he has done it before. and see more if you read the pdf file I think you will understand. all of this is taking a great deal of my time and time is money so I am losing as a result.
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