I am the one who caused this for the following reasons, and if you read through everything you would understand. there is enough evidence to prove my case to each one of you, I am not out to hurt anyone, but I encourage everyone to file a dispute if they don't get what they pay for or if they have to spend additional money to have something repaired. and for those selling encrypted mods they will reconsider this practice if those of you who can't get them to function properly file a dispute, one see more good thing I learned when I worked in the legal field, was there is always something that can be done, and if people are to unhappy they will end up blaming boonex and it could at some point end up in a class action suit, the Country of origin is not important, there are attorneys in every Country eager to file suit against anyone, so Boonex is doing right, Boonex needs to protect everyone not just developers.

if anyone would like to receive my complete file on this matter you can email me and I will send it to anyone who request it. , there is not enough room to provide all the info. Mr. Andrew Boon has all the evidense and the evidence speaks for itself

Jim Stewart
Nathan Paton
Have you opened a dispute anywhere? I don't even know what you're talking about. I see you posting in more than one place about some kind of dispute, but you have no posting history on this site. I'd like more information (and not through your email).
I have not as od yet opened a dispute, I sent everything to Andrew Boon and I will open a dispute but I don't think there will be enough room to lay out all of the evidence that I have. but if you would like I will do that right now.
Nathan Paton
I don't even know what you're disputing against. I think if you have actual evidence, you should open a dispute, but that said, I don't know what the actual problem is. You're welcomed to message me directly if you like. I don't bite on weekdays.

If someone is having actual problems with a developer here, they are always encouraged to open a dispute if an agreement cannot be reached between the two privately. I think with the changes mentioned above, disputes can be more than a venting ground see more and actually server a purpose.
Dispute filed

my file attached in pdf format
Nathan Paton
And responded. I'm looking over the attached document now.
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