I am willing to send anyone my file if they email me requesting it. My file shows what has happened
and I have eveything, emails and so on. I do not do the installs, my hosting company techs do it, I have emails from them stating the problem. I think I have been very patient in this matter but there is a time limit to file. and after some research I found that this seller has had other complaints of the same nature and I seen nothing to show these other complaints have been resolved. that is why see more I took action. no one likes being ripped off, and communication is one of the keys, I took everything in coinsideration, the time differance between the US and Australia the type of responses received, past alledged bad acts and the delays

If you emal me I will send you every bit of evidence I sent to Andrew Boon, it is evidence enough to convince anyone.

Jim Stewart
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