Andrew Boon
Now that Moderators asked for further clarifications:

1. Reasons for suspension

From our own experience with PayPal disputes and some of the older disputes at Unity is seems very difficult to set our a standard procedure for figuring "reasons". So, the best we can do is to rely on Moderators to do what we did - go by common sense and your own opinion. Even if someone wouldn't like it. It should be possible to see by the nature of the complaint if the product in question must be suspended see more to either prevent further issues or attract vendor's attention.

2. Forcing 30-day refunds

Again, this isn't a hard rule... think of it as of a "BoonEx opinion" guideline, when in doubt about performing moderation actions. In most situations, if Client isn't happy and Vendor can't convince them to withdraw the dispute - Vendors are advised to return the money. We do this too, and believe it's a good business practice that actually saves a lot of time and money. We expect Vendors to understand and appreciate such approach as well. Win a customer, not a sale.

3. Outline on 'what' constitutes an dispute

I suggest that Moderators start a topic in Disputes forum and collaborate on the final definition, procedure and guidelines. Once it's done - we'll sticky it and will link to it from Dispute-posting form.
of course costumers should be happy and get good work and support, but what about the cheaters?
here are so often costumer which buy a product, say that it doesn´t work or that they are not happy with it and want their money back, but then they still use the product on the site or on a other site or just give the product to a boonex unity friend. i think with this refund it is more easier for them.
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