What about customers that purchase mods and the moderator doesn't want to do any customizations to their own mods till they feel ready to do so. I have mods that are encrypted and moderator won't help me. I have offered to pay him, and no, he feels when it's in his best interest he will do. I have other moderator that can do the jib, but can't due to encryption. Is that fair???? If you don't want to Do the job, please get out of the way and let others do. I have purchased all his mods, and updates, see more and pay him to install them every single time. And in return, he won't add any extra things I need. That's terrible, and not fair. I don't want my money back, I just want my site to work the way I would like. I can't do mobile, because his mods won't work with mobile apps currently, and I purchased Wap, but won't work with his mods either. So what am I suppose to do, hire a lawyer???????
don't buy encrypted mods... you never know what you're getting. Licensing a mod is ok, but encrypting is a big NO....If i paid for something i want to edit/modify it anyway i want. You're stuck with the moder to do all the changes that you need, and that results in spending more and more $$. Not to mention that everytime you'll need to provide access to your server.
Yea I know now. What can I do.. I want my money back.. I feel that if he won't do the job for me, then he should refund me my money back.. I love the guys mods, but need more work done. It will costs me a lot to redo all the mods with someone else...
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