* I wrote this out earlier and some items seems to have been addressed by the new update I see.

Just some initial thoughts on this:

re:"1. Once a dispute is open, the product in question may be suspended by admin or moderator until dispute is positively resolved."
There should be a set of parameters that determines resolution there must be proof that a dispute is viable. For example, a buyer may purchase a mod and then ask for a refund and then continue to use the mod. If they do see more this for 10 mods, then they would have acquired 10 mods at not cost. The reversal of this may also happen with mod developers.

re:"2. When dispute is mediated, admins and moderators will always try to force "30 refund" policy, unless it's a service. So, if negotiations are stuck, we'd expect vendors to issue a refund, since this makes a good business practice."
I am fine with this if the dispute is viable based on an agreed set of parameters. I also believe that most buyers would not launch a dispute unless something went completely wrong. Many just want a working mod.

re"3. If dispute is around a service, and can not be resolved we will again resort to "custom" solutions, so we request moderators to submit a ticket with forum link if BoonEx attention is required."
From what I understand a dispute starts when one party is not in agreement with another about a particular matter. If you must open a dispute then understand what you say is publicly available and may result in civil litigation if you happen to incorrectly post information that can not be backed up with proof. In the end, it has to be worth it.

One concern that I think is paramount and has been noted by a few members in this thread is what determines a viable dispute vs. a frivolous one?

Another items is that, at a minimum, I think both parties should be verified as being real people and identifiable. One of the Internet's bane and benefit is anonymity.

Again, I believe most buyers just want the mod to work so they can go on with building their site and in the thousands of transactions that have successfully gone through in the market place that is normally the case. It would appear that with more developers and buyers, this is the another step in the site's evolution.
Andrew Boon
1. If they do this for 10 mods...

That should be easy for moderators to spot and we can then ban the user.

2. Indeed most buyers don't want to spend their time arguing. Often the price of mods doesn't justify spending time on dispute. Yes, dispute legitimacy parameters are needed and I hope we'll get them prepared soon via forums.

3. Right now we're in fact building a base for a bigger, more active community of both buyers and sellers. I would say that some of our planned changes should see more bring massive inflow of activity and more would be at stake. We will also need to improve these tools and figure out new ones to make everything work smoothly. There will always be crooks and leeches, but you're right about majority of members being legit and only willing to see things working as they should.
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