In reply to What is Facebook?
I hope so, dolphin is next (it still so far, when? but i still hope)
i really love dolphin,, ^_^

but i love facebook too,
it's fast, it is fast slow internet connection, trust me, dolphin is really slow,
it's smart, look like this community has its own brain inside its code.
it can connect me with some of my old friends,
i don't talk about money, but about helping me connect with someone that i don't reliaze before. :P
I wouldn't say Dolphin is slow; it depends on your server performance. Dolphin is slow if running on a shared server, but it shouldn't run on a shared server. I think its crucial that it runs on a dedicated server and this can be expensive indeed. Facebook is too big and the fact that everyone's on Facebook is its biggest Achilles heel. I like to hang out with my friends at a place where I define the content and this is possible with Dolphin:-)
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