What is Facebook?

nikoma posted 15th of August 2011 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

Its a money making machine that monitors your every movement so that they can show you ads you're most likely to click on. How cool is it to meet your already vanished gran gran father at the age of 195? This is really community software on a high level. Facebook is most likely about to kill it self in its eager to be the biggest. Someday the whole world is going to speak Dolphin with all the different themes it holds. Be an expert on your own niche!

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I hope so, dolphin is next (it still so far, when? but i still hope)
i really love dolphin,, ^_^

but i love facebook too,
it's fast, it is fast slow internet connection, trust me, dolphin is really slow,
it's smart, look like this community has its own brain inside its code.
it can connect me with some of my old friends,
i don't talk about money, but about helping me connect with someone that i don't reliaze before. :P
I wouldn't say Dolphin is slow; it depends on your server performance. Dolphin is slow if running on a shared server, but it shouldn't run on a shared server. I think its crucial that it runs on a dedicated server and this can be expensive indeed. Facebook is too big and the fact that everyone's on Facebook is its biggest Achilles heel. I like to hang out with my friends at a place where I define the content and this is possible with Dolphin:-)
Dolphin 7 is NOT comparable to Facebook
Dolphin is NOT even 1% of Facebook. donot ridicule yourself by comparing a behemoth with Dolphin.
Dolphin is just a cms and just plain cms.
You will need mods to falvor your cms.

Dolphin works on single database.
Facebook works with several database in server farms.

Without api facebook will be ZERO
Dolphin doesnot know anything about api [perhaps Boonex knows it]
Facebook has got invaluable contracts with many platform[game,apps] vendors.
Dolphin see more has got No contracts with anyone except the license agreement.
Dolphin cannot survive without mods...
and there are many many factors deeper and wider...

So, Facebook vs Dolphin is a very good joke.
Its not black or white, its about the grey scale in between..

The philosophy about Facebook is really the most interesting about it. How they do this doesn't really mean that much to me. I am convinced, that mega sites like Facebook or its clone Netlog or whatever is out there, is about to see the end. I strongly believe that small niche or community sites, name them whatever, is what the future has to bring. Whether these are powered by Dolphin/Boonex or some other script is hard to say. I still see more believe that mega sites has reached its highest potential and that we will see a exponential decay over time. I might be wrong, I might be right, but I still believe:-)
Andrew Boon
I concur. It's in human nature - we are social, but not "global" creatures. People connect with their peers in different environments and mostly in small groups. The only thing that keeps and will for a while keep giant SNSs afloat is absence of popular federated identity technology and as a result - trapped social graphs.

Read this...

All your friends are on Facebook.

... now contemplate that for a moment. Does it sound right? Where are all your friends in real life? Do you see more ever say things like "all my friends are on Acer Arena/RCcars Club"? And even if you do have all your friends somewhere... do you not have other means to connect with them if you want to?

Your identity, online or offline may not and should not belong to anyone but you. Nobody but you may have authority over your identity. Your Facebook profile or your Dolphin profiles must ultimately work only as a manifestation of your temporary presence on a site.

Now, imagine the works where all your friends/circles/connections are universally accessible through all and every site that enables social networking. Would you care much about Facebook then?

Simple example - when you want to share something with your friends - say, sing a song for them, show pics or a movie, or tell them a story... do you have to go somewhere to do that? You sure may, but do you HAVE to? Not at all, you could just invite them to your place, call them, email them, etc. etc.

Facebook or any other big SNS for that matter are only temporary fix for the lack of effective instruments of distributed sharing. In another 4-5 years we'll live in the world of small niche, content-oriented sites. Internet is/was designed to be distributed and to allow de-monopolisation of everything. it has to happen.
Andrew Boon
There are 101 ways to look at API and to provide API. I would wager that Facebook would be just fine without it. In effect API is a form of surrender - you can't do it on your own, so you provide tools to "connect" with other software.

What's more important, IMO is a good SDK. Think of the Apple's success - staying as closed as it gets they keep expanding. Connections, integrations and bridging (read API) creates more problems than it solves.

And no, I don't thins Dolphin isn't see more comparable to Facebook. Its "marketshare" is much smaller, but it's different in a good way. It's distributed and unlimited in potential. Also, it's liberal.

The only challenges that I can see are: ease of deployment and updates; initial costs; code quality; UI intuitiveness, etc. - all of them are solvable bits that we'll gradually overcome, while Facebook fatigue and some tech expertise build up and prepare the grounds for the big new game.
Well i like your perspective of a Developer, you want to overcome some things in Dolphin. But as a website owner who paid and paying and still wants to pay just to make sure that my member has got something new and expandable on their own. as you see, every D7 owner wants a unique feature, same way we feel every member in our site 1."Doesnt know/like to blog" 2."Doesnt have time to upload/share whatever 3."interestingly they have such a huge time to waste on "Social Games" see more and this is a more than a common interest of many members. So, as you see the "importance of Dolphin run FAST" on MY server, you should also atleast BELIEVE that i also want "social games on my site" even if it compromises site speed too.
i dont say that boonex should develop everything for us, maybe you should consider starting PAID cloud app/game service separately for the one who wants and partner with 6waves, zynga, or who ever you want.
Pause and think about it, it will make Boonex a not just a cms product company, but a social eco system company.
who re dolphiners,is it not mean and you,but the most is the developers to be thinking high,we excellent mods with unique ideas please let put our hands on desk,i love ibdw and modzz and some other thinking developers
I love Dolphin and I love the idea of it all. Dolphin is the chassis, developers the mechanical engineers and we choose the engineered components that makes our dream realisable for almost nothing at all. Ain't that a beautiful thing? I know web masters from Denmark who spend a fortune on developing their own script. Projects didn't become a financial success and now they have an old script who have not been updated for the last 5-7 years because of lack of money. Look at us? We have updates coming see more 3-4 times a year.
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