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Andrew Boon
There are 101 ways to look at API and to provide API. I would wager that Facebook would be just fine without it. In effect API is a form of surrender - you can't do it on your own, so you provide tools to "connect" with other software.

What's more important, IMO is a good SDK. Think of the Apple's success - staying as closed as it gets they keep expanding. Connections, integrations and bridging (read API) creates more problems than it solves.

And no, I don't thins Dolphin isn't see more comparable to Facebook. Its "marketshare" is much smaller, but it's different in a good way. It's distributed and unlimited in potential. Also, it's liberal.

The only challenges that I can see are: ease of deployment and updates; initial costs; code quality; UI intuitiveness, etc. - all of them are solvable bits that we'll gradually overcome, while Facebook fatigue and some tech expertise build up and prepare the grounds for the big new game.
Well i like your perspective of a Developer, you want to overcome some things in Dolphin. But as a website owner who paid and paying and still wants to pay just to make sure that my member has got something new and expandable on their own. as you see, every D7 owner wants a unique feature, same way we feel every member in our site 1."Doesnt know/like to blog" 2."Doesnt have time to upload/share whatever 3."interestingly they have such a huge time to waste on "Social Games" see more and this is a more than a common interest of many members. So, as you see the "importance of Dolphin run FAST" on MY server, you should also atleast BELIEVE that i also want "social games on my site" even if it compromises site speed too.
i dont say that boonex should develop everything for us, maybe you should consider starting PAID cloud app/game service separately for the one who wants and partner with 6waves, zynga, or who ever you want.
Pause and think about it, it will make Boonex a not just a cms product company, but a social eco system company.
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