its all relative. the next huge consideration should be focused on AI, and its coming, and coming fast, social media, and social networking are here and will endure the trials of time. though we have seen myspace fade to the background, so shall facebook, and twitter. linked is a little more potent in that the larger part of the information there is usable. unlike facebook and twitter, where you have to read the daily drama of a user. i dont see where niche environments are even see more comparable to facebook or the likes. if you are not trying to create a clone of facebook, and are running your own gig, then that is the power of the niche.

this would be likened to a comparative of a department store vs a specialty shop. i have seen sites do extremely well with social media, be it on dolphin or some other available platform. why does it do well, they have no focus on facebook, drop facebook from your daily activity, and focus on building the niche that you started with.

facebook is but one site, i dont like facebook, personally, and they are data thieves, and violate U.S. citizens rights, and violate trust acts.

at any rate, glad you found time to write this article.

now can you spend a few moments on the payment module of Dolphin 7.0.7, there are reports, though i have not personally tested it, but there are reports of it not functioning correctly yet.
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