Very well written. I agree open is great, however with that comes the spammers. Databases are here to stay and in some cases, they can be very helpful. Global databases of everyone and everything is a little scary and Orwellian, I know, but unfortunately, we are becoming electronic entities beyond our mortal flesh, in some way this can be seen as a twisted version of immortality (Since you were getting all philosophical :) .)

It would be nice to see the facebooks of the world disappear, however see more they too started somewhere and is it not the dream of every cyber entrepreneur to become "bigger that Facebook?" I know that is my hope.

I saying that, my brother, I believe you have a great grasp on what the growing cyber society wants (To quote idiocy "It's got what plants want") and as long as the world does not become run by mindless drones who follow the trends, all is good.

So there is my little stab at electronic immortality

Heinz (The Blog Whore)
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