With tablets and mobile devices evolving as full blown browser you don't need mobile apps just just need either a mobile version or some tweaks to your existing site. With android tablets and java/flash it's a lot closer than ipad/iphone, but the problem I have is I had to replace the menus because you can't "mouse over" to have a menu pop down. You can easily add code to detect the platform and render a page that compatible with that device (google search). These devices are more and see more more trying to be full fledge browsers so catering to a stripped down product is a waste of time. For instance on my android devices when I click to select a file to upload android is coded to present me with the option to take a picture with my phone, record a video, or upload a file from my media library. The android mobile app on my motorola XOOM isn't scaled and offers such a small feature subset it's not worth it. When you get a boonex notification that you have a friend request you want to click the provided link that launches to the site , and accept friend, not find the mobile app , login , and accept friend.... plenty of examples like this. I know less about the ipad/iphone because I use android devices but I assume since they proclaim the "pc era" dead that they also follow suit. Maybe I don't fully understand the new "mobile page" feature in 7.0.7 , but it seems useless since I can only deactivate the objects that are there and not add any?? or am I missing something? and without newsfeed / wall /forums /etc it's really useless for my needs.

anyhow ... my 2 cents


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