now dolphin 7.0.7 is here what next are we expecting?

coolnaija posted 21st of August 2011 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

i was kind of thinking what is going to happening here since dolphin 7.0.7 is out already,i don't really know what is going to happen now,i quite know that new version is coming out sooner or later but does this member there be no update on 7.0.7.what i actually mean will there be dolphin 7.0.8 version?please i need an answer to this.onemore thing i really any version of dolphin that can be able to be browse on any kind of phones 

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next is 7.0.8 - 7.0.9 boonex will provide bug fixes for the d7
Nathan Paton
BoonEx has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. There's a third-party WAP mod in the market which might be what you're looking for.
yes i know they have but am saying i need a mobile app that can be browse on any kid of phone like nokia and other
Nathan Paton
As far as I know, there are no plans to develop apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or Symbian. If you need this feature, there's this mod available in the market:

It's not a native app, but any phone with a decent browser should work.
Originally Blackberry was in the lineup, they had promised a blackberry app, but later dropped this. This made blackberry fanatics such as myself very upset at the time, but looking at the way the market (world phone market) is going, I can't really say I blame them. iOS, Android, and with a bit of luck...Windows Mobile look to be the main leaders going forward. Symbian is a great idea, but it's execution is a bit of a joke, and Blackberry is lagging behind when they used to be a major market see more leader. All that's keeping blackberry afloat is their superior e-mail handling and business that relies on this. The way android and iOS work, it's just a matter of time before some vastly superior app for those phones is released that will allow for full PIM sync (and not the SAD excuse for this they have now). When that happens, blackberry will be dead.
Nathan Paton
Nokia slept with Microsoft and has never been the same, BlackBerry is a pain in the arse to develop for, and webOS is dead because HP has shown once again how incompetent they are.
Andrew Boon
Indeed, besides the big two (iOS and Android) the only other OS that has some chances to take off is Windows, but so far it's just a possibility. We're not going just by numbers... even our personal impressions give some clues - iOS is slick and usable; Android is flexible and usable; WinOS is fancy and not usable (slow, awful keyboard); BB is limited and Symbian is... well, pronounced dead.
May be this guy is talk about mobile templates

i need this templates too :-)
Andrew Boon
Dolphin 7.0.8 and likely more updates of 7 will be released over time. Dolphin 8 is under active development as well and even when it is ready there will be a period of live-testing on our own sites and pre-release work with 3rd-party developers.

As for mobile apps - no plans for any _native_ apps for other platform, but some work is being done for a web-based mobile version.
I was expecting at some point with all the updates to now that at least one would address the dismal component of Dolphin call Videos. It continues to lags behind other social network scripts with similar features and sorely needs updating. Even in version 7.07 the embed codes generated still do not work properly and stays in a perpetual "loading" pattern that never progresses to a point in which it can be played. Sites full of ugly "never loading" videos are problematic as see more it delayed me getting approval for a payment gateway (CCBILL) just because of it. CCBill is one of the few payment gateways that allows adult content but after reviewing my site they noted the problems with videos so it is not just wishful thinking. If you want a social network that looks professional and has videos you are looking in the WRONG direction if you are looking at Dolphin. Obviously after a year of waiting for any improvement in the video section it has become crystal clear that is NOT forthcoming and the video section of Dolphin IS NOT a priority. If your website dreams involve having a video-centric community STEER CLEAR OF DOLPHIN, YOU WILL REGRET IT!
is there any app of this nature that can allow members to chat in the chat room and use everything there?
With tablets and mobile devices evolving as full blown browser you don't need mobile apps just just need either a mobile version or some tweaks to your existing site. With android tablets and java/flash it's a lot closer than ipad/iphone, but the problem I have is I had to replace the menus because you can't "mouse over" to have a menu pop down. You can easily add code to detect the platform and render a page that compatible with that device (google search). These devices are more and see more more trying to be full fledge browsers so catering to a stripped down product is a waste of time. For instance on my android devices when I click to select a file to upload android is coded to present me with the option to take a picture with my phone, record a video, or upload a file from my media library. The android mobile app on my motorola XOOM isn't scaled and offers such a small feature subset it's not worth it. When you get a boonex notification that you have a friend request you want to click the provided link that launches to the site , and accept friend, not find the mobile app , login , and accept friend.... plenty of examples like this. I know less about the ipad/iphone because I use android devices but I assume since they proclaim the "pc era" dead that they also follow suit. Maybe I don't fully understand the new "mobile page" feature in 7.0.7 , but it seems useless since I can only deactivate the objects that are there and not add any?? or am I missing something? and without newsfeed / wall /forums /etc it's really useless for my needs.

anyhow ... my 2 cents


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