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hello, i need help with customization. my name is harriet. and i am trying to use dolphin for a social network. i dont have any clue a bout website and i need someone who can help me willingly. check the site at

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Hello Harriet,
I did look at your site and you are right it needs some work. Since you say you do not know much about websites, I take it that you mean the technical management side, is what you need help with. Is that true? If you do feel confident in what you
want it to be from the user side, such as its look & feel, features, as well as its deepest purpose, then you have a good foundation. Hiring people to materialize your vision is easier than having them fill in the blanks of what is see more essentially your dream.

Your intention to connect people is very clear. I would suggest developing that idea to creating solutions or ways around/over/through all of the obstacles that prevent us from truly meeting each other. This might take the form of pages with appropriate graphics. Choosing some powerful images that express all of these ideas would help create a more inviting space. It seems that using good template might give a jump start to this make-over. There are so many way to go with this.
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