good update! works faster.

one urgent issue with Orca forum: clicking on "Compile languae" link - layout INSIDE forum blocks is squashed... as if there is no CSS presented.

the update was released yesterday... may be it would be better fix it and update the pack?!


Tim Shim
It maybe a problem of custom template.
The structure of orca layout folder was changed (to give more control for web designers), so you need to update custom template according to the new structure.
..but the same happens also with UNI template..
Can't to reproduce the problem on clean install.
It maybe that "base" folder is changed or some other core files.
testing it on fresh installed Dolphin. the same issue.
still can't reproduce it, please can you provide more details on how to reproduce it ?
I have updated from 7.0.7 to 7.0.8 (not fresh install). Forum was blank... stare at white page of nothingness! I deleted "custom-name"_en and recompile. Works for me.
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