Dolphin 7.0.8 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 24th of October 2011 in News. 36 comments.

Dolphin 7.0.8 is here with us, rectifying some security vulnerabilities and busting a mid-sized gang of virtual insects (aka bugs). There're also some useful system tweaks, but really, you should've stopped reading and started downloading right after that "security" word in the first sentence. Seriously.

(loooooooong pause)... Now, that you've upgraded and have some time to read...

List of updates

  • Important security problems were fixed
  • CSS classes for BoonEx advertisement moved to CSS file to give more control for template developers
  • Promo block is moved to template to give more control for template developers
  • Email is now sent when member's membership is changed
  • Some email templates for media modules was not showing in admin panel
  • If there was no DNSBL rules, it was not possible to add any new one
  • It was not possible to make link open in new window in submenu
  • Don't allow admin to delete himself (voila! no suicide anymore!)
  • Pages was not showing in the right order for multiple pages join form
  • Audit script incorrectly displayed memory limit when memory is unlimited
  • Deny by IP range was not working
  • Sorting members in admin panel by last activity was not correct
  • Range form field was not working correctly everywhere
  • Disappeared membership levels problem
  • Problem with categories in Files module
  • Admin filter is now applied upon "enter" key press
  • Comment editing didn't update mood, you had to reload page to see it updated
  • Embedded videos could sometimes show wrong thumbnail when adding
  • Some language changes
  • Flash: audio player showed incorrect time when length is greater than 59:99
  • Flash: guests now can now enter username, gender, age and description
  • Flash: video player controls didn't automatically hidden in full-screen mode
  • Forum: template reorganizing to give more control to template developers
  • Forum: membership actions was not working right when actions count parameter was used
  • Forum: deleted user displayed link and membership for currently logged in user
  • Forum: timezone in RSS feed was different
  • Mobile: profile's video and audio count was not showing and 500 != 200 error in Android app
  • Mobile: number of displayed albums was limited to 10
  • Mobile: videos page was opening when we click on "profile info" button
  • Mobile: photo upload could potentially cause db error
  • Mobile: message sent from the app had damaged new lines
  • Mobile: search near me could potentially cause db error
  • Mobile: not active profiles were displayed in search result


Download Dolphin 7.0.8
Upgrade instructions
Closed tickets


Q: Where's an XYZ feature?
A: Glad you asked. It may be coming in future versions or in some dreadful sequence of events has been overlooked. Check Trac and either submit your suggestion or wait for an existing ticket to be addressed.

Q: But I know/see/found an unfixed bug!
A: Bugger. Check Trac and either submit your report or wait for an existing ticket to be addressed. If you can't post to Trac, please use this forum.

Q: Is it a stable version that I can use on a live site?
A: Yes. Note though, that "stable" is not a guarantee - it's a term used to label "supported" version, so that when something is changed we will be providing upgrade instructions from this version to a new one. It also means that it is the most stable version that we know of.

Q: Is it a final 7.0.x update and will we some more heavyweight improvements in Dolphin 7?
A: Dolphin 7 will continue to be developed, improved and supported for years ahead, so there's no way it's a "final" version in the line. Dolphin 8 will co-exist with Dolphin 7 for long time. Dolphin 7 licenses will work for Dolphin 8 too.

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@Andrew "Don't allow admin to delete himself (voila! no suicide anymore!)" <-- LMAO! =)
still if 50% of ideas and dreams are implemented...
that would be so much fun for webmasters...
unfortunately we all need to bear the pain of those millions of darn bugs!!!
But life is a challenge aint it?
if there would be some kind of notification from mod developers that their mod "supports" "requires assistance" etc kind of information to webmasters. that would be helpful before attempting an upgrade.
installed, but where isfunction getPromoCode() { ?
I try to make promo block disapear for logged in members and only for guests to see :-(
sorry for this post here :-)
Great news..keep doing the good work!
good update! works faster.

one urgent issue with Orca forum: clicking on "Compile languae" link - layout INSIDE forum blocks is squashed... as if there is no CSS presented.

the update was released yesterday... may be it would be better fix it and update the pack?!


Tim Shim
It maybe a problem of custom template.
The structure of orca layout folder was changed (to give more control for web designers), so you need to update custom template according to the new structure.
..but the same happens also with UNI template..
Can't to reproduce the problem on clean install.
It maybe that "base" folder is changed or some other core files.
testing it on fresh installed Dolphin. the same issue.
still can't reproduce it, please can you provide more details on how to reproduce it ?
I have updated from 7.0.7 to 7.0.8 (not fresh install). Forum was blank... stare at white page of nothingness! I deleted "custom-name"_en and recompile. Works for me.
see moreHello, good! I hope this update can fix the performance problem.

And.... i have over 200000 Pictures... in the folder "photos/data/files/" from the member.... this is a many.... can you make it, that, every member becomes there own folder, sort by the user id, and the photos comes in a folder with the album id? like "modules/photos/data/files/1/1/**.jpg" or "modules/photos/data/files/1497/33/**.jpg" So not all the pictures are in one folder... an backup horror....
The solution maybe is to switch to another filesystem.
Please post such questions in the forum.
I become always this error. But Safe_Mode is off and a Open_Basedir is not set...:

Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /var/www/vhosts/**********/httpdocs/inc/ on line 1046
Please post such questions in the forum.
Thanks, great job. Regards from Costa Rica
This was accually a very smooth and good update. What I did not expect was the site is running much faster now after I updated from 7.0.7 to 7.0.8. I would say 20-30% faster. Why I have no idea. But that´s just the fact! Good work Boonex.
Hi, i have a boonex website: and i have a slight problem. I don't know everything about HTML and everything, so i had a partner whom is now very sick in hospital, and i have decided to invite someone that knows boonex very well to join as a partner on the site. It is generating about 3000 unique visitors a month and guess what? People cant join, and nether does the Facebook login work, so if you are interested in joining this project, please call me on +27 84442 0709 see more or email me at antonthomas2[at] This is very urgent.
see moreI have a website,, and my developer or partner is seriously sick in hospital, so i am looking for a new partner with a 30% share in all profits made by the website , in exchange for his input to the further development and promotion of the website. The site is doing ok with round 3000 unique visitors per month and the Join functions don't work. If you can help me or if you are interested in jumping on the boat call me at (+27)0844420709 (South Africa) or email me at antonthomas2[at]
Excited to see this with other module integrations. Dolphin has grown a lot since the early days and I am glad to see it continuing.
my site is now slower.....
In custom language "NOTE" they forgot to say there is some new language strings in \Dolphin-Patch-v.7.0.8\flash\modules\chat\langs
my join form doesnt work again after the upgrade..........
seems like the has some errors.
boonex should check it out and update it. It took me the whole day to fix this
I've reverted to my former file it works now.
can i have alteast a link to test run the new version? i will love that. thanks
"Important security problems were fixed" -> does this mean just some known security issues were fixed or was the whole code made secure in general? There is a list of things to do to secure PHP code. Did you go through such a list and check all items? Or are you just fixing issues here and there whenever you receive feedback?
.08 it sizzles.. I had to back down the flash version (active X) in a browser I hate to use any way (IE) to 8 to get the Ray Apps to config.. in Chrome, Safari & Firefox ( I dumped Arora FF as it was hanging to often - it will get better ) New flash pluging - you can click on the + signs to get into the config till the second coming - I fired a mouse over it.. kicked a cat and scratched the dog. Now to run the mp3 player in mini-mode and add a playlist ( writes to .xml as files are uploaded see more and approved ( nicname)/playlists ) - other than it whistles dixie ( if I load that tune that is (g))
Great work on Dolphin.. I think it kicks the Jolly 'Ole NING's rumpoften unthanked contriibutions to the opensrc community.. Thanks for the great work on .08 - hope I see v8 before I croak ... at my age, thats called living lifes lotto.. got life today.. gone tomorow. I was just helping some folks in Dallas/Ft. Woth with their ning site and the new admin interface to chane the theme S**ks. You can't get to their code any more and they shut off FTP.. yet, charge a fortune.. on going and continuous. The folks at the Lone Star Tea Party are now looking at Dolphin.. ( did the best I could with all the retrictions they impose, even though the account is paid for. You could have hosting for two years and the best Dolphin paid package and still have money too boot..
Later-- back to my toy...
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