.08 it sizzles.. I had to back down the flash version (active X) in a browser I hate to use any way (IE) to 8 to get the Ray Apps to config.. in Chrome, Safari & Firefox ( I dumped Arora FF as it was hanging to often - it will get better ) New flash pluging - you can click on the + signs to get into the config till the second coming - I fired a mouse over it.. kicked a cat and scratched the dog. Now to run the mp3 player in mini-mode and add a playlist ( writes to .xml as files are uploaded see more and approved ( nicname)/playlists ) - other than it whistles dixie ( if I load that tune that is (g))
Great work on Dolphin.. I think it kicks the Jolly 'Ole NING's rumpoften unthanked contriibutions to the opensrc community.. Thanks for the great work on .08 - hope I see v8 before I croak ... at my age, thats called living lifes lotto.. got life today.. gone tomorow. I was just helping some folks in Dallas/Ft. Woth with their ning site and the new admin interface to chane the theme S**ks. You can't get to their code any more and they shut off FTP.. yet, charge a fortune.. on going and continuous. The folks at the Lone Star Tea Party are now looking at Dolphin..
http://lonestarteaparty.org ( did the best I could with all the retrictions they impose, even though the account is paid for. You could have hosting for two years and the best Dolphin paid package and still have money too boot..
Later-- back to my toy... http://we-patriots.com
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