I try everything @Andrew I also use many SEO tools I try to fix some html errors, validate my site but no changes I thing Dolphin realy need SEO but something TOP because in dolphin is missing a lot of SEO

I also still dont like the /m/ It would be nice if the url can be call: domain.com/videos/laddygaga NO domain.com/m/videos/laddygaga

It would be nice if we could add diferents titles, keywords and description to any page like videos. sounds, events etc. on admin panel deano have a module see more call head injection I never try that but I'm tier installing many modules to make my site better but still the same
Andrew Boon
Less is more. Strip down to only a handful of really needed modules and concentrate on content. You will also be able to optimise your site more effectively in every way. /m/ in url won't be an issue, not even in a small way. The idea that URLs matter much comes from 90s, when search engines were dumb. Now, they had to find their way through more dynamic, AJAX-driven and fluid web, so they do know their way through messy URLs, etc. Browse Google's own properties, watch the multiple redirects, subfolders, see more lengthy bunches of variables, etc.
Yes it's true that Dolphin is not very SE friendly out of the box. The URL's are bad. Link building does not work on it's own! You also need the old basics such as good page meta titles, meta description and keywrods. All of that content also needs to be in the page content with a good ratio for the most important words and phrases. Keywords in URLs also Do work, and image alt tags work too. Unfortunately dolphin doesn't have these SEO basics buit-in, and no amount of link building can fix that!
I also thing dolphin need a main rss feed url to read all the new content from videos, events, sounds, forums, photos articles, blogs, news, store because some module are missign the RSS url It would be nice if we could have a main RSS FEED URL for all the modules or each module need a rss feed url right now i'm only using like 6 rss url using the RSS Graffiti application for facebook to all my ans can see what is new and keep people coming to my site but some module dont the rss url