DRautenbach, you are right. It is the #1 market and competition weakness of dolphin. If dolphin was coded to win in SEO, we could probably complain a bit less about other weaknesses such as the multitude of bugs that are inherrent in every version of dolphin :)

The fundemental SEO weaknesses of dolphin, just for the record, are;

1) lack of meta description and meta keywords on pages.
2) Bad titles on many pages.
3) Too much junk text on pages... if you view a page as a search bot does, see more you will find loads of irrelevent, indexable words and phrases that are part of dolphin and not part of the site. They all detract from a webmasters own keyword weights. In other words, if you put a paragraph of keyword weighted text on a dolphin page, it gets swamped out by dolphin text, much of which is not visible on the page but comes from indexable code tags and such. Much of it comes before the actual content of the page, which means your paragraph of keyword weighted text comes low down in the page code, and end up being almost irrelevent.
4) Bad URLs - and why have "Boonex" in so many of them??!!
5) too many publically visible navigation and option links, many of which should be coded as no follow for SEO clarity and to avoid duplicate content.

Andrew, you say that search bots are too busy indexing ajax driven content to be bothered with URLs any more. Well that's not true. Keywords in URLs are still very relevant and carry weight. While javascript content is only indexable if it is coded correctly. Much javascript/ajax content gets missed by the bots, or worse still, creates clutter and detracts the bots from more important content.

I do think SEO should be more of a focal point for the dolphin developers, as SEO has become a focal point for webmasters these days, and for other web software developers.
your meta tags can be extended by manually adding to your /templates/base/index.html file..leave out the two values that are added via admin panel..
this is how my index.html is edited.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="">
<meta name="copyright" content="Copyright see more - All Rights Reserved Michael Newton 2004 - 2011" />
<meta name="robots" content="All" />
<meta name="cache-control" content="no-store" />
<meta name="pragma" content="no-store" />
<meta name="author" content="Micheal L Newton" />
<meta name="revisit-after" content="1 Week" />
<meta name="language" content="EN" />
<meta name="rating" content="general" />
<meta name="CLASSIFICATIONS" content="Webcam; Streaming Video; Webcams; p2p software; system software; Gate River Run Cam; Webcam Sites; Florida; Computer cam; Internet; Webcams; Entertainment; Webcams" />