Your response sounds a bit biased...sorry I mean no disrespect here, but I think Boonex is taking a step toward allowing accountability to be worked back into a system that has not grown in a very unfavorable direction over time....not so favorable for the vulnerable new comer that is. I do have a suggestion that comes to mind here- The BBB (Better Business Bureau)in America goes so far as to both post the outstanding number of complaints but further has a rating chart and statement something like see more "This business has a good reputation of resolving issues with clients." It seems the BBB also goes as far as to measure risk. Boonex has tried to address this even but from what I've seen, most developers don't much care about providing potential clients with that sort of information. I like when a vendor goes so far as to mention the risk of installing their mods and mention things such as "XX core files modified"; it lets me know they are willing to give me the straight -up ahead of time. Those are the guys I look forward to doing business with. Dare I say maybe these things wouldn't have got to this point if the courtesy list had been better adopted by vendors? Boonex gets both thumbs up from me on this one.
Why should a vendor's image be damaged before a conclusion is taken? In the court for example no one puts a tag on your head saying "warning this person may be a thief", and they only have a complaint from a random guy.. That doesn't sound too well.. Two thumbs down.
Thats exactly why I made my post here. There needs to be more definition to the word 'dispute'. Speaking on behalf of Moderators, I do not know of any of us that rush right out and take actions on anyone for a single random complaint. However, multiple complaints do justify taking action and giving other members a Warning before purchasing a product that is currently being disputed. In all disputes, both parties are given the option to resolve/respond to the complaint at hand.
agreed...and 2 thumbs up for moderators....often a thankless job I feel. Respect.
I had to chuckle here man- You evidently have an excellent judicial system in your country...Here- Innocent Until Proven Guilty are merely words these days... Perhaps a system that shows the complaint is from a "newbie"...that is the "random guy" you speak of correct? How about a number system that reveals how many complaints the "random guy" has filed maybe? It seem at least we've opened the door to explore a solution here. I think the mass majority is going to be in see more favor here....Consumers need protection, or this business simply cant grow to it's potential. Boonex has a superior solution...Vendors will be fine if they stand strong, back their product, and show integrity.
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