Hello Andrew boon,
I think you should have some time lines setup for Developers to provide service, They just sell their MODS and disappear don't even bother about installation or service. Most of them treat customers like "crap". I have had the experience with not one but many Mod Developers, I almost gave up on Dolphin. Examples MODZZZ, He is a total scam , he made great promises before I bought his mods once he had my money he just gave me a slip and never responded to my requests. see more Banned me from posting feedback. You should target such people and have a penality mechanism in place. Dolphin is a great piece of work but if there is no support than any product will fall flat.
strange ..from forum feedback modzz seems like one of most supportive devs here, so Im qite surprised for what u saying...
I'll second that...I see Modzz as one of the more active Devs, so may be very busy at times, but he's constantly listening to feedback and pumping out good mods for the community. You serve as many as he does, and there are bound to be a few that slip through the net...I think he has a great track record...his services have certainly met my needs.
Nathan Paton
Developers do not have to provide installation service, unless such service was agreed upon when purchasing the product.

If a developer isn't supporting their product, or is causing some sort of problem, you should contact a moderator (disclaimer: I'm a moderator) or administrator. You can also report the purchased products, or file a dispute in the forums. But posting a comment here isn't one of those solutions.
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