Nathan Paton
You're talking about source activity, which is how active the development process is. I can be the sole developer of a product and still have a high source activity, but have no users. But this doesn't mean Diaspora has no users. Indeed, there has been a lot of press coverage, and plenty of spores launched.

But I don't think Dolphin needs to worry about Diaspora, because both provide different features and require different setups. Dolphin can run on a shared server with minimal effort, while see more Diaspora requires Ruby.

I'm not slamming Diaspora, though. It's a great project, and I really enjoy using it and watching it progress.
source activity or not, Diaspora is ahead of D8. Even the alpha build looks very promising. its slick, very simple and clear to the point "social activities" people will love that. i, like others dream alot about D8 being phenomenal [meaning, simple,fast,super,very fast, w/o flash, api, applications, games etc]
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