Andrew Boon
"annoying music"... You're just being, ehm... cantankerous. ;)
No... I'm being serious. Your narration doesn't necessarily have to be a detailed tutorial. Use it mostly t brag about how wonderfully easy your product is to use. I think you're just being lazy because you know a good narration is more difficult than just slopping in some random background "music".

It is, of course, your product, and entirely your decision whether or not you want to continue to subject people to annoying, stressful background noise in your videos.
Andrew Boon
Well, you're right about the "lazy" part here, but it's not only that. For now these are not finished components and the previews are as well just quick and geeky updates on what's going on. They generally take less than an hour to make. And, at this stage, this is as much as we can afford spending.

If we were to make proper "tutorials" they would likely be narrated, just for marketing-sake as you suggested. I would, however, try to avoid narrating actual explanations on what's see more going on on screen, since we really want to make it self-explanatory.

In short, I think you've got a fair point, but these are not "products" yet, so they're fine as they are.
Ahh! Did I miss something or could you just maybe mute the music if you no like it?
Yeah... you missed something.
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