Dolphin 8 - Navigation Builder Preview

Andrew Boon posted 24th of January 2012 in News. 33 comments.

Dolphin was one of the very first CMSs to offer user-friendly navigation management. Now it's time to make a new leap ahead and rethink it. 

In Dolphin 8 we're introducing a new concept - Link Sets. They are collections of ordered links that can be assigned to menus supported by your template. This extra layer of separation allows great flexibility in how same menus can be presented on different pages - as vertical, horisontal, service menus, etc, etc. 

The new Navigation Builder is built on Grids, supports items importing, repositioning, menu icons, visibility settings and more. Just have a look and let us know what you think!


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very very nice you guys doing a great job and I'm really looking forward to have my first D8 site :-)
Happy New Year :-)
Nathan Paton
Looking good!

Oh, and nice music choice.
Nathan Paton
It's also working nicely on the demo.

But I'm wondering why English and Russian need to be installed from Purchases under the store. Took me a while to figure out the system wasn't broken and missing language files.
Looking good!
and always good music
congratulations from France !!!
Like Like Like

im still worried about
1.Flash - HTML5 would be awesome store - for members, so they can browse, install apps from Unity Market [true social networkism]
3.Comments plugin - can behave more social
wow, thanks for the commitment... fingers crossed till D9 :)
Looks great...
Look forward to Dolphin 8.
Awesome that looks great, seems easy enough.
On the Permissions I noticed that you could check or uncheck the permissions you want. I think that after making 20 links, that having to check or uncheck the same things over and over again would be tedious.

What if you had your checklist And a dropdown list Called "Permissions same as:" You could click the dropdown arrow and select a previous link item, it would then automatically adjust, (auto uncheck or check) your permissions to the see more same permissions or those your previously set up.
Andrew Boon
Good catch. You can "import" links that would carry over permission settings. We think we'll add some bulk-editing tools like "check/uncheck all", but tracking previous selections would massively complicate the system.
Why don't you guys be professional and knock off the incredibly annoying music? Narrate the damn thing!
Andrew Boon
The trick is to build software which would be intuitively understandable. Just as a demo without narration.

Seriously, this time we're looking at making it clear and simple, and boy is it hard to do! Turns out that building "simple" takes more research deeper understanding of the product.

"Simple" should be good enough to have no language, no manuals, no narrations.
Andrew Boon
"annoying music"... You're just being, ehm... cantankerous. ;)
No... I'm being serious. Your narration doesn't necessarily have to be a detailed tutorial. Use it mostly t brag about how wonderfully easy your product is to use. I think you're just being lazy because you know a good narration is more difficult than just slopping in some random background "music".

It is, of course, your product, and entirely your decision whether or not you want to continue to subject people to annoying, stressful background noise in your videos.
Andrew Boon
Well, you're right about the "lazy" part here, but it's not only that. For now these are not finished components and the previews are as well just quick and geeky updates on what's going on. They generally take less than an hour to make. And, at this stage, this is as much as we can afford spending.

If we were to make proper "tutorials" they would likely be narrated, just for marketing-sake as you suggested. I would, however, try to avoid narrating actual explanations on what's see more going on on screen, since we really want to make it self-explanatory.

In short, I think you've got a fair point, but these are not "products" yet, so they're fine as they are.
Ahh! Did I miss something or could you just maybe mute the music if you no like it?
Yeah... you missed something.
too Kewl... you have too much time on your hands. (ducking) Has the user interface and/or template system changed in 8? Thanks for all the work and time you continue to invest to make Dolphin a class CMS
Andrew Boon
User interface is being changed a lot. Not any less than the "Studio".

Narrate... what if one don't speak English... will you translate into a zillion languages for nada so all can hear? Show and Tell has been around longer than speak and tell. (g) Take that! .............................Music is a Universal language.
As with all the previews this just makes D8 harder and harder to wait for, this is going to be amazing!
seems very different from D7, I'm impress
this looks fantastic
i hope upgrading from v7.9 is possible
also, the music is very nice
It looks very nice! I am going to do an update right now!
Grooving music!!! lol
. maybe im a bit slow and down understand english thinking
to me it looks like you go overboard without giving any real improvements,
its easier to make things solid than it is to make things complicated.
i look at this video and see a competion,,, you dont need to compete your good enough be cofident we are here and we like your work
I know that I am going to get hated on for saying this. I am a long time Dolphin user, but it seems like I finish a site using D6 then here comes D7. I no longer finish my site with D7 and here comes D8. Then I have to worry about supporting something in the pass that hasn't been extremely solid yet. It seems like we are quick to look for a newer version then finishing the ones we have? I want to use Dolphin and Boonex products, but this has had me worried for about 2 years now. =(

On a side see more note D8 looks awesome! =)
I kinda agree but I like dolphin 7.9 but my new site probably use 8 but unless the site get some users and make some money no worries if the site make a profit then decide if you want to upgrade cause the best software is meaning less if no one is using it.
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