I know that I am going to get hated on for saying this. I am a long time Dolphin user, but it seems like I finish a site using D6 then here comes D7. I no longer finish my site with D7 and here comes D8. Then I have to worry about supporting something in the pass that hasn't been extremely solid yet. It seems like we are quick to look for a newer version then finishing the ones we have? I want to use Dolphin and Boonex products, but this has had me worried for about 2 years now. =(

On a side see more note D8 looks awesome! =)
I kinda agree but I like dolphin 7.9 but my new site probably use 8 but unless the site get some users and make some money no worries if the site make a profit then decide if you want to upgrade cause the best software is meaning less if no one is using it.
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