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i bought the $99.00 license and when i ask for support i learned that i need to ask an exact question and spell all the steps i took to get where i was at and then expound that 10 fold to the point that the support team understands what i typed. and the wait about 2 to 3 or days during the week for a response. like i said be as detailed as posible about your questions and then throw in a few more question to expound those questions. support has a very high intelligence level and they don't understand see more laymen questions like mine. Example i never used php, mysql or apache before and how to get to the root directory, somethine called an ascess (sp) file i get these email sent to my admin email from cron dameon global_register needs to be disabled: ok i sent for support about that and i am still waiting for an answer.they a sent about 16,999 emails so far over the last few months, 1 email every 5 minutes for the last 4 months. If i bought the $1,000.00 license what would i really get. till then if you hear about a good aftermarket boonex dolphin 7 support forum please let me know. i am blacklissted from boonex nerd for ????????????????? i followed the rules of the boonex constitution and still blacklisted.....
i tried new emails and still blacklisted before i can sign up for forums. good luck with your adventure.
i been reading books about php, mysql and apache and those are real complicated with no support for answers.
sams teach yourself php and mysql and apache in 24 hours with the disc (autorun) in the books dosen't work for widows 7 so what to do next......
1. Get a book on UNIX or Windows servers and read / educate yourself.
2. Developers are not baby sitters.
3. Goto and read. a lot of the mystery can be removed by taking some time to learn what makes Dolphin tick.
4. Support, paid or volunteer are not baby sitters.
5. Goto and read. Many more of your questions can be answered there.
6. Goto: and read.
7. Goto and read.

Once see more you gain some what of an understanding of the platforms ( and this above names but a few ) your frustrations will diminish and turn playing with Dolphin into fun times. If not, you need to hire a web master. (g)

Good Luck
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