Andrew Boon
The argument about Flash generally being a candidate for exclusion from the web is still relevant, and indeed doesn't add motivation for extra effort in improving Flash apps. I do understand that it is frustrating to see some of the issues being postponed over and over. I am sorry about that and I assure you that we consider all of them, trying to prioritise. Our org structure is such that we can't engage Rayz or whoever else for 100% of their time, so they come up with their own products.

Look, see more we very well realise that IM/Chat with A/V capability is a big and important part of Dolphin. It needs to be properly assessed and, perhaps, rebuilt. Clearly, depending on Flash-developers only is another disadvantage of Flash that hold us back a lot. Now I feel that we should rather come up with something very good and flexible instead of patching what we have again and again. As for "believing" in wether it will be done soon... well, I really don't count for believe - we're working not his full-time and will build it when we can.
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