Great Idea For Dolphin 7.1

houstonlively posted 25th of June 2012 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

How about you guys at Boonex hire a flash developer to tune up the A/V chat? Badly needed, are things like:

  1. Flood Control
  2. User Name Filter for non-members
  3. Maximum message length setting
  4. Skinnable via external xml file, or embed parameters

The A/V chat is virtually unchanged since Dolphin 6.1 as far as I know. Isn't it about time to breathe some new life into this tired old app?

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Next Idea. Why don't boonex ditch all the flash modules in boonex and use html5 or ajax? sound player can be in html5 and so can video player, and chat can be in ajax. Better huh?
Nathan Paton
That's pretty much what's happening in Dolphin 8.
I too would love to see the chat upgraded; my users are loving the audio/video chat, so I'm not willing to lose that! But from what I understand, it could be done in html5.. and that would make it better for those Apple os folks?
Nathan Paton
Not so much HTML5. The chat could be rewritten to use AJAX, but then something still needs to be done about the audio/video features. A mix wouldn't be so bad.
Here for more informations on what should be done...
but it looks to be late on this
You mean irrelevant, don't you? What really bugs me, is that THREE years ago when D7 was just entering the RC stage, I asked for flood control on a ticket in trac. You guys repeatedly shoveled it onto the "do later" pile. You folks habitually put off things for years. What bugs me about this? Rayz somehow found the time to cough up a paid chat mod that gives the chat flood control. Does this seem OK to you Andrew? Why should anyone believe you will ever fix some of these nagging, see more and enduring issues? Will it take another 3 years? How long, is too long in your mind?
Andrew Boon
The argument about Flash generally being a candidate for exclusion from the web is still relevant, and indeed doesn't add motivation for extra effort in improving Flash apps. I do understand that it is frustrating to see some of the issues being postponed over and over. I am sorry about that and I assure you that we consider all of them, trying to prioritise. Our org structure is such that we can't engage Rayz or whoever else for 100% of their time, so they come up with their own products.

Look, see more we very well realise that IM/Chat with A/V capability is a big and important part of Dolphin. It needs to be properly assessed and, perhaps, rebuilt. Clearly, depending on Flash-developers only is another disadvantage of Flash that hold us back a lot. Now I feel that we should rather come up with something very good and flexible instead of patching what we have again and again. As for "believing" in wether it will be done soon... well, I really don't count for believe - we're working not his full-time and will build it when we can.
Andrew Boon
Yes, Flash chat indeed needs improvement, but as you know we have really bad feeling about Flash. So far, the only big issue that stops us (and many others) from ditching Flash altogether is live-video-streaming. It's one thing that is nearly impossible to implement with anything but Flash yet. And it's essential got A/V chat, naturally.

You do have our attention on the "BIG3" (flash/forum/padlocks) - we are considering different options every single day and we will gradually resolve see more all 3. ;-)
OK then..... don't make me change your code name to (Ohno)
Actually, the current A/V chat is so bad, you should just remove it from the package, so people aren't duped into believing it's a usable product.. To render the chat useless, all you have to do is hold the enter key down.
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