I would bet my retirement account, that the vast majority of Dolphin sites, have members that would rather get things done in a hurry. I don't know of a single Dolphin site that is using the platform for a professional photography or art site... those folks use gallery scripts. Social networking users go on vacation, plug their camera into their computer with a usb cable, and upload a ton of hi res photos. I have never once, heard anyone I know on Facebook, complain about client side photo resizing. see more In the demo I referenced, it took 5 seconds to upload a 5.2MB photo. Uploading the same photo to my D7 site, took 80 seconds.

I have no Idea what you are talking about when you say "browser resizing is not yet supported by all browsers". I'm not sure how Facebooks resizing works, but I expect it's a combination of javascript and a hidden flash app.... just like my demo. To the best of my knowledge, just about every browser supports flash and JS.

You don't need a lot of settings for photo uploads:

Resize Images: [ ] Yes [ ] No
Max dimension in px: 1024

You pass two variables to the uploader.... that's it.

As far as cropping, rotation, and all that other stuff..... leave that for a third party integration like AndreyP's photo editing using pixlr.com

Implementing this in 7.1 is a lot easier than you think Andrew.... especially if you keep swfupload. Their version 2.5 has this already built in. Although they call it a Beta, I can attest that it is essentially bug free. The folks at swfupload even have code examples, so there's no big learning curve here.

Speedy uploads would make a lot of people happy around here.

OH..BTW...................Please refrain from mentioning Avatars in serious conversations such as this one. This post is talking about 4096 x 3072 images, and really doesn't have much to do with a 64px thumbnail.
SWFUploader Beta has many problems as per active issues on their homepage, also it is not actively developed since beginning of 2010, so it looks like the issues aren't going to be fixed anytime.

So the best way is to use latest stable version for now without client resizing.

Integrating other uploader will require too many changes in current version.
Oh come on Alex.... what's a few hundred bugs to us Dolphin users? That's nothing.
It's more than nothing, some of the problems:
- it is beta feature, no one can guarantee that it is stable
- no one update for more than 2 years
- problem with resizing big images (is this what this plugin for?)
- hanging in some browsers/OS/Flash versions
- hanging with certain number of files
- multilingual problems
Smart guy like you, can fix all that stuff.
Thanks, I would do, but I have a lot of other things to do.
We will try to implement client's side resizing without flash in future versions.
Andrew Boon
I was referring to HTML5 resizing, which sounds like a promising feature and we're likely to use it in future updates.
...just to add this since you mentioned HTML5: the sound module to my website www.2tyte.com, is the most important module. I hope you have plans of introducing client side resizing of sounds too...for easier mobile (including JAVA/WAP) playbacks.
you're a great, I read many of your comments and I have never seen a critique useless.
you have my respect houstonlively
I do not understand how to do that is to say you're wrong
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