And about news and article. In this version we can upload/insert photo without link? Or will be the same?
Andrew Boon
News and Articles modules have also been completely revamped and work much like the new Blogs, with photos and all.
Yes but when you create a blog and try to insert a photo the only option we have is a URL not a really insert photo.
yes, the possibility of image uploading would be very nice!
We all know how it is now, AlexT. But misterpopper suggestion in very valuable (for Osho) to place Dolphin on top marketing until the so awaiting D8 comes out. Photo Uploading Tool for blog, article, news, forum, wall and events should be a basic default feature, just as it's been for long 10 years around most all internet, since images are crucial to ilustrate a content. And I am not saying photo url or html edit, but Photo Uploading from computer, cellphone, tablets... to website.

I am see more happy to see that those modules can be installed without any obligation of installing video, photo and files. But I hope we can choose which modules we want to integrate. For example, for me Events I really don't need files modules, but I would miss a lot if I didn't have Photos and Videos for event.
For event, I'd like to suggest for future the addition of Location and RSVP plus inviter. And sell event tickets (if we could have a better e-commerce script)

About Store, looking forward to see a real e-commerce script on that. Since no 3rd part integration would work perfectly well with Dolphin. With a real and good e-commerce script on Dolphin we would face a new age for websites powered by BoonEx that will go far away from just porno and social web. There are ton of good ones out there, but we can reach more and better results.

And for last, but not less important, I still think this Actions Block so weird. Some vertical and/or horizontal menu would behave better with any template and easier for users navigation. Don't you think so? :D

In general, I liked all those news about Osho. Well done guys. Way to go.
Actually, it is not possible directly from News/Articles module.
Photo can be uploaded into Photos module and image manually inserted to TinyMCE area.

Images in Blogs can be used the same way, but Blogs have thumbnail image additionally - there is no post thumb in Articles/News.
Could you please add subcategory functionality to all Media.
Video, Articles, Blogs etc.
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