Dolphin 7.1 (Osho) - Events, Groups and Store

Andrew Boon posted 10th of July 2012 in News. 54 comments.

Following the line of updates, three more modules have just been improved. Events, Groups and Store design and layout was freshened-up and fine-tuned to match the new style; new features like mini-calendar and social sharing buttons were added; and, perhaps most importantly, installation of any of these modules doesn't depend on other modules (like photos and forums) anymore. So, you don't have to install photos or forums to activate Groups, for example. This gives more freedom of choice and flexibility in case you're using alternative (3rd party, maybe?) modules, or don't want that extra functionality at all. 

There're lots and lots of smaller tweaks and improvements as well, and work is still in progress, but it is already OK to sneak a peek to get an idea of what's coming...


Events Home


Event Page


Product Page


... so, you get the drift. Like I said, there're a few ideas we're still working on, so the final product would have those modules in an even better shape. 


Also, work on Forums and Admin system is well under way and we hope to show you some previews soon. It is our intention to wrap-up in short order and start the beta-testing stage. It's getting warmer down-under ;-) .

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I like this form about the event but i like more the old one because is not a list you have the home page of events and the page for the event. I dont know. BUT im desperate for the realeasse date cuz everything you show looks very very nice for me!!!!!
And about news and article. In this version we can upload/insert photo without link? Or will be the same?
Andrew Boon
News and Articles modules have also been completely revamped and work much like the new Blogs, with photos and all.
Yes but when you create a blog and try to insert a photo the only option we have is a URL not a really insert photo.
yes, the possibility of image uploading would be very nice!
We all know how it is now, AlexT. But misterpopper suggestion in very valuable (for Osho) to place Dolphin on top marketing until the so awaiting D8 comes out. Photo Uploading Tool for blog, article, news, forum, wall and events should be a basic default feature, just as it's been for long 10 years around most all internet, since images are crucial to ilustrate a content. And I am not saying photo url or html edit, but Photo Uploading from computer, cellphone, tablets... to website.

I am see more happy to see that those modules can be installed without any obligation of installing video, photo and files. But I hope we can choose which modules we want to integrate. For example, for me Events I really don't need files modules, but I would miss a lot if I didn't have Photos and Videos for event.
For event, I'd like to suggest for future the addition of Location and RSVP plus inviter. And sell event tickets (if we could have a better e-commerce script)

About Store, looking forward to see a real e-commerce script on that. Since no 3rd part integration would work perfectly well with Dolphin. With a real and good e-commerce script on Dolphin we would face a new age for websites powered by BoonEx that will go far away from just porno and social web. There are ton of good ones out there, but we can reach more and better results.

And for last, but not less important, I still think this Actions Block so weird. Some vertical and/or horizontal menu would behave better with any template and easier for users navigation. Don't you think so? :D

In general, I liked all those news about Osho. Well done guys. Way to go.
Actually, it is not possible directly from News/Articles module.
Photo can be uploaded into Photos module and image manually inserted to TinyMCE area.

Images in Blogs can be used the same way, but Blogs have thumbnail image additionally - there is no post thumb in Articles/News.
Could you please add subcategory functionality to all Media.
Video, Articles, Blogs etc.
Good work. I like the dolphin logo. :)
very beautiful, nice work but I hope that in this new version will also correct Embed Video Checking Problem before a release of the beta-testing
Is The design box layout going to change or is it going to stay the same, one box below the other ?? This makes all the dolphin site look more or less the same..
If we had freedom of adding boxex where ever we want, that will make much more sense in creating better looking sites.

Please see this for more explanation.
andrew, any answer to this ????????
Dolphin 7.1 Pages Layout is the same as in Dolphin 7.0, however Dolphin 8 already has different layouts for pages:
"Share" may be a better choice than "Recommend". Especially if it were of a topic you wouldn't recommend, but are willing to share to increase awareness (ie: graphic picture.. war, etc.).

Would it take much to include linkedin in the recommend/share block? Or a checkbox to "Share on all" and submit button to increase ease of use?

Keep io the great work!
Question about store module...

Currently when adding a product that is a file to download, there is no way to change the price on that item once posted other than to delete and re-upload the file / product with new price.

Other than hacking the database etc which is how Ive had to work it....

BIG pain in the arse if the file you are selling is a video file (300mb) which has to be re-uploaded just to change the price!

PLEASE tell me there is an easy way to adjust the price of items like see more this just by clicking 'edit' as admin in new store module?
While everything continues to look pretty, I feel the out of box experience for events is somewhat lacking. More emphasis should be put on when & where the event is occurring, as currently those details appear very minuscule and irrelevant to the page.

All that aside - I am definitely looking forward to the beta release!
could include the possibility of repeating the action directly in the core
Repeat event is useful for those who organize events such as local or pr and other types of organizers
I think that it is not difficult when you created directly by BoonEx team
that would be a really useful feature!
is definitely a step forward in the management of events
is definitely an amazing job that you are doing
compliments vivid, I can not wait to get the beta
@Andrew Boon

Can you add Affilate Marketing on store section?
When someone invite the buyer and the buyer BUY THE PRODUCT the person who gived the link get a small fee!

Sorry for my wnglish
lol your english was wrong at "wnglish"
+ notifications module better
The user must see all the notifications and no 6
Will Groups and events be inter-linked?
I have decided that 'Groups' is a bad name for the groups module. I believe it would more appropriately be named "Pages". A group can have a page, but not everyone that has a page is a group. A solo artist can have a page, ie internet presence on your site, but it would seem a little silly to call that solo artist a 'Group" Groups are so Yahooesque, and so yesterday.
Andrew Boon
Agree. It would be rather impractical to change the name now, but indeed a more generic "Pages" name would suit better.
I know that's the case. Fortunately, I was able to change permalinks, language keys, and .htaccess to get really close. However, I use a few 3rd party group mods, that are being a bit finicky.
I like it, please consider at this stage to enter directly into Dolphine repeated events, that would be useful to those organizing events
congratulations for all the improvements you are doing
Somewhere this suggestion has to go to the top of the list. Chris (UE30) has not added it , and it is in demand to be able to create an easy setup for repeating events. PLEASE!!!!
I asked ue30, told me that MAYBE the next version will be done.
but I think it's a feature that must implement BoonEx on Dolphine directly.
as ssl certificates on all pages
I agree with the page thing. Though it may seem a little impractical to change the name now, it would make sense to change it now rather than later.
Still cold here in Melbourne.
When can we expect the new version?
look this demo
On a completely separate point, will then next version bring back the subscription payment option?
must be able to drive change, as the integration of flowplayer or any other reader, add the shuffle with a quick change of reading, without time to change the page every time have the desire to watch another videos or sounds , photos ....
The Store: Will we be able to sell physical products, not just downloads, advertising or memberships, through the store?
this would be great... if this is the case. Please confirm, thx.
Where is the 'Groups' screenshot? :)
this is what the groups look like
Andrew Boon
They're very similar to events, so I saved a bit of time on preparing a pretty demo group. :)
many people who use social networks online living a part of the day
when I create an event in Dolphine I create the event only in a physical
have you ever thought that events can also be online on a website
to follow a streaming event or to participate in a tournament on a gambling site
or playstation or xbox, etc etc..?
how can I do to make this difference?
Yes when will the release be ready so for ppl who are making changes to those modules for proper necesity can check them out and modify them for release
As already requested...

PLEASE make it so store admin can change the price on a product that is file based straight in admin, instead of having to create a new product and upload the file all over again... highly impractical for large file based sales such as video....
Can i expect a change in files module?? Ability to upload and play files using scribd or slideshare api !!!
Present files module is useless, There must be an option to embed files.
hi boonex team...

great job....i like it!

what i dont like on the first look are:

- the actions buttons : so many buttons :(
- hope to see a responsive theme one theme for desktop, tablet, mobile
will we be able to charge paid admission to events?

currently there are two options to do this:
1 create an event, create a store item, then link the event to the store item (pain)
2 create a store item and title it as an event (but will not appear on the calendar)

For non-profit organizations who depend on event admission for their revenue, this would be an essential feature.

Andrew Boon
There're many interesting ideas on new features that could be added, but we try to wrap up this update, so that everyone could already start using it. We will keep improving the modules gradually.
Hi, I note the 'Product' page as shown in the graphic above, I assume that is the Store. It states add product, can you confirm that product can be a physical item and not just a digital product? If so, can a prospective buyer add his address re delivery etc?

I like what has been done and look forward to installing it soonest! But please take your time and ensure it is ready for us to play with :-)
Will there be a flash uploader for multiple pictures to be added to event
However, it has been stated that 7.1 had been abandoned and all work is now on 8. Is this true?
Will mom-members have the option to purchase products or will they have to join?
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