I have decided that 'Groups' is a bad name for the groups module. I believe it would more appropriately be named "Pages". A group can have a page, but not everyone that has a page is a group. A solo artist can have a page, ie internet presence on your site, but it would seem a little silly to call that solo artist a 'Group" Groups are so Yahooesque, and so yesterday.
Andrew Boon
Agree. It would be rather impractical to change the name now, but indeed a more generic "Pages" name would suit better.
I know that's the case. Fortunately, I was able to change permalinks, language keys, and .htaccess to get really close. However, I use a few 3rd party group mods, that are being a bit finicky.
I like it, please consider at this stage to enter directly into Dolphine repeated events, that would be useful to those organizing events
congratulations for all the improvements you are doing
Somewhere this suggestion has to go to the top of the list. Chris (UE30) has not added it , and it is in demand to be able to create an easy setup for repeating events. PLEASE!!!!
I asked ue30, told me that MAYBE the next version will be done.
but I think it's a feature that must implement BoonEx on Dolphine directly.
as ssl certificates on all pages
I agree with the page thing. Though it may seem a little impractical to change the name now, it would make sense to change it now rather than later.
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