Yeah... seems like everyone is getting the account cancellation notices . I got mine today. I was about to give them kudos for getting rid of that ridiculous preview page, but after careful consideration, I have come to he conclusion that shrink the web sucks.

@Andrew Boon .... Please get rid of this useless thumbnail provider. I'm sure all this account deactivation is just another feeble attempt to get all us Dolphin users to sign up for the paid service. At this point, considering the obnoxious see more behavior of stw representatives around here, along with their sleazy business tactics, you should avoid these guys like the plague. It is not good for Boonex's business image to be associated with companies that are seemingly run by some guy with his head in the ozone layer.

Life is too short to worry about stupid stuff like thumbnail generation. There are plenty of alternatives to stw, and I think it's time to consider using one of them.
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