Fixed Site Screenshots in Sites Module (courtesy ShrinkTheWeb)

Andrew Boon posted 28th of August 2012 in Boonex News. 19 comments.

After recently announced update of Sites module we received a bucketload of complaints about the way ShrinkTheWeb service has been provisioned. The problem was that STW used to (yeah!) show site screenshots with a link to their own site when their free screenshot service is used. Not anymore...



ShrinkTheWeb guys listened, apparently, and now we're happy to announce that the service is free of any "link traps".  Looks like the difference between free and paid service is now only in usage limits and control tools. Rejoice! 

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This is great news. However, how does this fix the issue with the current 7.0.9 version? Can't seem to get it to work. I have search throughout the forum. I have followed the instructions, got an account with STW, inserted the access key and secret key... all without success.
No. I do not have access to version 7.1. Trying to get STW to work on 7.0.9
STW is broken on 7.0.9. So please wait for D7.1 or try an SVN snapshot of D7.1
Now to see the results in action..
Oh yes sites modal has not worked since 7.06
Now it appears they know 7.1 will work and is on the horizon
From STW

Your account has been inactive(cause they would not serve Thumb nails ) for quite some time(2 months). We have finally gotten around to cleaning up our database and are deactivating your account.

Since we do not allow multiple accounts, your email, domains, and IPs will remain "on file" so that we can block them in the future. However, you will not receive see more any further emails or announcements from us. Part of this move is done to clean up our contact list by removing unnecessary emails.

If you wish to reopen your account, please contact us by replying to this email OR through the contact form on our website.

Can boonex not use a reliable thumb nail provider ? Please .......
or at least give options to choose from.
Casal Pimenta
I received the same email about the cancellation of the account!
I replied that the account is used in BoonEx Dolphin site and soon received confirmation that the account would be maintained.
Try to do the same!
Hi Casal, glad you got in touch and reopened the account. :)

The goal was to clean out more than 35,000 likely spam accounts, but that many means that a good number of inactive accounts were caught up unintentionally. We will gladly reopen any actual accounts that weren't part of that spam network.
That says nothing about "reliability" but just another reason why we invested the time/money to overhaul the SITES module for the Dolphin community. Once we learned that our service was integrated, we began the long journey to making it work smoothly. Since Dolphin is a large product, with lots of testing controls, this means a significant delay for changes to get in. But once they are in, you know they will be stable, especially now that Dolphin SITES v7,1 is "ShrinkTheWeb Certified." see more :)

Unfortunately, we were also bombarded with a TON of spam accounts during that time. Many Dolphin accounts were unintentionally caught up in the widespread clean up. Nothing personal; just trying to keep our costs down. Reactivating the account requires nothing more than opening a support ticket and a few clicks. :)

This is an old post, but hopefully this explanation will help others know what transpired, and why. Cheers!
Yeah... seems like everyone is getting the account cancellation notices . I got mine today. I was about to give them kudos for getting rid of that ridiculous preview page, but after careful consideration, I have come to he conclusion that shrink the web sucks.

@Andrew Boon .... Please get rid of this useless thumbnail provider. I'm sure all this account deactivation is just another feeble attempt to get all us Dolphin users to sign up for the paid service. At this point, considering the obnoxious see more behavior of stw representatives around here, along with their sleazy business tactics, you should avoid these guys like the plague. It is not good for Boonex's business image to be associated with companies that are seemingly run by some guy with his head in the ozone layer.

Life is too short to worry about stupid stuff like thumbnail generation. There are plenty of alternatives to stw, and I think it's time to consider using one of them.
"Your submission appears to be spam. Account not created. No further details will be given."

Hell I can't even sign up on there site period. Tried like six different times with different information and I got the above each time.
Hey dolphin_jay... Just happened across this post and saw your comment. It's been quite a while since you posted this, but hopefully you opened a ticket and got your account going. :)

Unfortunately, spammers forced us to implement some much stricter controls on registrations. Every time we loosened it a little, new spam accounts would be created (100+ per day, in some cases!). Keep in mind these are actual humans who type in the reCatpcha and everything. So we had to get really specific. Sorry see more you met that criteria, even though obviously not a spammer. We would be happy to get you going, if you are interested in opening a support ticket.


I cannot get it to work!! hope this is my problem..
Warning: fopen(/home/mynewbee/public_html/7.1/modules/boonex/sites/data/images/thumbs/c011f456976a1a0904f44b00e954db65.jpg) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mynewbee/public_html/7.1/modules/boonex/sites/classes/BxSitesSTW.php on line 321

Warning: fputs() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/mynewbee/public_html/7.1/modules/boonex/sites/classes/BxSitesSTW.php on line 322

Warning: fclose() see more expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/mynewbee/public_html/7.1/modules/boonex/sites/classes/BxSitesSTW.php on line 323
I fixed it, you have to manually change the permissions to 777 for /modules/boonex/sites/data/images/thumbs
this directory should be created automatically with 777 ... did you create this directory manually or was it existing already?
?? did you create this directory? i do not see it.. what version are you using?
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