That is simply not the case! SEO starts with meta tags for every page, but that is just the beginning. That should be called SEO potential! There are millions of websites of similar topics with SEO (potential), but their ranking is totally different. The inclusion of meta tags in dolphin would simply gives webmasters a chance to optimize their sites for search engine. That does not make the web sites optimized out of the box! Absolutely no script is optimized out of the box! You would still have see more a lot of work to do before someone can even find your site on Google search. Successful SEO is hard work. Dolphin just takes that potential away by not including meta tags for every page. Dolphin has survived simply because the script is packed with potential features very few other scripts offer, but they almost all have SEO potential, which Dolphin does not!!! I will continue to evaluate until I see SEO potential in Dolphin...
1. This post is nearly 3 years old.
2. You need to re-read what I wrote, you seem to have missed the point.
3. It amuses me that in the 3 years since this post Boonex still haven't included something as basic as Meta-Tags.
4. You are correct - Dolphin offers 'potential' features. If you want 'real' features I would recommend evaluating a different script. If you wish to migrate your Dolphin site to a real platform shoot me a message, I can help you.

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