Dolphin 7 SEO Needs A Little More Polishing

zorro posted 26th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Zorro and here still testing and evaluating D7 as I am working on a future D6 to D7 migration project. I have ran a full time Internet business for nearly 10 years now and the one thing that I know for sure that is key for success is a site must has plenty of TRAFFIC.

You can have the best looking site in the world but if nobody finds you there is no value in the site other then to the maker of that site. Let me say this one more time TRAFFIC is KEY. 


Good SEO is one of the ways you can get good quality TRAFFIC. For those new to building a website SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Here are just a few initial things that I have found with D7 and I encourage others to jump in and contribute.


1. The Ajax stuff is all cool and means a lot when it comes to reducing page loads but just KILLS SEO. For example, You can go to the Dolphin D7 demo here and notice that there is two views for people. The default is Simple and the other is Extended. This looks cool from a member's perspective. But here is the problem. The switch between Simple and Extended does not allow a search bot like Google bot to pick up on that valuable spider bate like Country, City, ect for each member. Why because the switch to extended view is Ajax.Same is true for many other areas of Dolphin. Now I realize that there is also a balance between having to many links on a given page. But one must also think about how visitors are going to find your site and CONTENT is KING on the net. So every word counts:-)


2. Next the browse by Sex, Age, and Country lacks good SEO. As you drill down into each level notice that while the URL's are friendly and clean and relative to the subject of that level. However, also notice that the Titles for each page as you drill down just continues to say Browse Profiles and does not change bases on the level they are. This is very very BAD for SEO and should be changed.


There are many other areas that should be tweaked and way to much for me to list here today so that Dolphin can be all that it can be so its customers can success at whatever niche they are going after.


I am going to provide some basic FREE tools and references that I encourage Boonex and others to have a look at and there are many more out there.


1.  Use this tool to see different areas of the site to see how a Bot looks at and views your site. Don't forget there is an advanced view link in the top right corner.

2. The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet

3.  Xenu's Link Sleuth checks Web sites for broken link


In conclusion,  I think that Boonex should tweak D7 a bit more for SEO as well as the possibilities of having a built in site map that provides natural crawl and navigation for members as well as provide Google, Yahoo, and MSN yahoo Style maps to help search bots.





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I am all for a discussion on how to optimise D7. Hopefully boonex will take it on board as well. I am still having to manually add to my D6 project SEO improvements, which involves copying and creating new files. Hacking those files. Then creating a new .htaccess entries for all those files. I have had good success and manged to get various pages from my site onto page 2 and 3 of google, in a very competitive area, after about a year. The companies on page 1 of google have spent £1000s/£10,000s see more getting their sites onto page 1. I know that as I talk to them. I doubt I will move my current site to D7 incase I destablise the search engine rankings. But I am all up for copying my user base to a D7 website. However that in itself has SEO implications in terms of duplication of p0rofile info content on a different website. Hmmmmm
I like this topic. Would love more thoughts on improving SEO with D7. Also would be grateful for any tools people use when trying to improve their site's SEO.

One site that I like is:
It's easy to fix duplicate content (multiple links) by adding 'no follow' to the non canonical links. But as cbassthefish mentions - good SEO is not something that can be written in automatically.

Consider this. If Boonex do manage to add good SEO into dolphin right out of the box, then you will have no advantage over other Dolphin users.

Good SEO is what stands you apart from other sites - not what makes you the same.
That is simply not the case! SEO starts with meta tags for every page, but that is just the beginning. That should be called SEO potential! There are millions of websites of similar topics with SEO (potential), but their ranking is totally different. The inclusion of meta tags in dolphin would simply gives webmasters a chance to optimize their sites for search engine. That does not make the web sites optimized out of the box! Absolutely no script is optimized out of the box! You would still have see more a lot of work to do before someone can even find your site on Google search. Successful SEO is hard work. Dolphin just takes that potential away by not including meta tags for every page. Dolphin has survived simply because the script is packed with potential features very few other scripts offer, but they almost all have SEO potential, which Dolphin does not!!! I will continue to evaluate until I see SEO potential in Dolphin...
1. This post is nearly 3 years old.
2. You need to re-read what I wrote, you seem to have missed the point.
3. It amuses me that in the 3 years since this post Boonex still haven't included something as basic as Meta-Tags.
4. You are correct - Dolphin offers 'potential' features. If you want 'real' features I would recommend evaluating a different script. If you wish to migrate your Dolphin site to a real platform shoot me a message, I can help you.

1. This page has regular link too, so search engine will index both pages, for example this page:
has extended view search engine friendly link too:
You can see it if you open link in new window and not just clicking on it.

As long as dolphin does not have meta tags for every single page, SEO is till a dream. I have not upgraded to D7.1 yet, and I am still evaluating. I look at the new demo, and I do not see any description and keywords in the meta tags. I just cannot understand why people find it logical to build a script with no meta tags. It is like building a car with no headlights! Does that make any sense to anyone who ever dreams of building a web site? My websites probably will remain in evaluation phase until see more dolphin includes automatic meta tags for every page. That's just common sense, and almost every other social media script has that. Tell me how you can call a script competitive without that?
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