I typically do not weigh in on things like this but perhaps I should more often. I have pumped a fair amount of change into this market so I feel I've either earned my right to speak or purchased my fair share of stock in this topic. I have delt with and purchased more than several mods from the market from many vendors. My inventory of mods have delt mostly with Modzzz products because most are unique in nature for my needs and 99 percent of the time work from the get go. Products that are see more faulty are addressed and corrected promptly. I also know when I message him he will respond. More than can be said for some. I love the products of idbwelloweb (prob spelled that wrong) but the support for his products are pretty bad. He typically just tells you its your fault. However looking at it I assume he makes the most market revenue. Though I love his products I avoid dealing with him now and I wish that just was not the case. Modzzz however whether its my fault or not he helps me figure it out. Him and Deano have been amazing to me as a customer and with my general forum post. Andrew I too disagree and do not think you're serving your community well by not having Modzzz as a trusted vendor. So there you have it from one of the people who regualry pump money into this market and who and how I want to deal.
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