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Andrew Boon posted 9th of January 2014 in Boonex News. 69 comments.

Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, NYE and various other "abnormal" days passed and we're safely in 2014. Whew! This time we decided to let you enjoy your families and holiday shopping with a bit more focus on "offline life". Now, that you're back, let's get our share of shopping spree going (sale! sale!); reflect on the year 2013 and glimpse into the fresh new 2014.


Hello, 2014 - Sale!

Bearing the weight of passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday together we just have to look into the best short-term discount we can possibly offer, right? It will be...

30% OFF - all orders

between now and the 16th of January!

This discount would be applied automatically for both new and repeat orders, so it's a perfect moment to grab a second, third, tenth license. Think about it - right now you could save $240 by buying Prime!



Where have you been? The year 2013.

We have entered 2013 with a long-awaited Dolphin 7.1 Osho release. It was a great evolutionary leap with fresh design, overall quality improvement and overhaul of major use-cases. Osho is and will continue to remain a product we are proud of. Over the year it progressed to 7.1.4, with accompanying improvements of Mobile Apps


And yet, many Vendors and observant clients must have noticed that 2013 was relatively "slow". The social networking software industry in general has been stagnating for a while, desperate for a new wave of interest. One may argue that it's the Facebook-fatigue effect, rippling in a form of diminishing attractiveness of "my own social network" idea. Or, perhaps, the ever proliferating "cloud services" turn off our inner geeks. The question is open, but we do have our own strong take and vision on what to do next, regardless of the what is the right answer.


Before moving on to the next chapter, we should mention some of the most recent improvements that we've done, and haven't publicised yet...


Most recently, in 2013. Attention, Trusted Vendors!

In preparation to the upcoming Dolphin updates and simultaneous growth of BoonEx Market, we are focusing on further refinement of Market functionality:

- In products browsing, you can now choose "version compatibility" and narrow down the search looking only at the products that are compatible with your current version of Dolphin. 

- List of "Trusted Vendors" has been updated. The list depends on our impression of Vendor's reliability - response rates, feedback, reports, disputes, etc. It would also normally take at least a year of dedicated work to attain this status. 

- Trusted Vendors now have special fields in their profiles, which they must fill ASAP: * Skills * Timezone * Working hours * Availability * Spoken languages * Country location. This information should help clients to further understand services of Trusted Vendors and establish more efficient client-vendor connection. 


There's a big reason behind all the effort of making BoonEx Market better. Further development of Dolphin and BoonEx in general will rely heavily on BoonEx community. And so, we'retalking about 2014...


Where are you going to? I wanna know what's new? I wanna go with you... 2014.

Looking at what's happening in the landscape of social networking, it is easy to notice how "do it all/all regions/all people" mega-sites are slowly losing their appeal. Teens seem to favour anonymity (Tumblr); geeks love raw content (Reddit); general populace pushes healthy growth of "single-purpose" tools (Instagram, Pinterest, Quora); segment leaders are strong (LinkedIn) and local networks are doing great (Weibo, RenRen, Vkontakte). All in all we may all now breathe out and accept that "Facebook-world" is not going to happen. Great news for aspiring Dolphin-sites operators! Clearly, niche sites with good content have and will continue to have their shot for success. And, while your average Joe may be shaking head in disbelief (thinking that there're too many social sites out there already), the smart ones would be building future leading niche communities. 


In 2014 we're going to cater for those smart ones. Dolphin 7.1.5 is coming soon. There will be even more advancement in "mobile" and "touch". And (this time for real) we're seriously close to the first public tests of the mythical... you know who (consider this post image as a "sneaky peek").



Happy New Year, dear friends! We love you!


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Andrew Boon
http://www.boonex.com/modules/Notes/data/images/A/An/Andrew%20Boon/lg/701233.jpg - has initially fallen victim of the infamous png-transparent-background-color issue, but it's all good now. ;)
That's great plans! Happy New Year! :P
And exactly what did I do to lose my trusted vendor status ??? I see vendors on that list who had countless amount of disputes and who haven't even bothered to update their modules and respond to client support forum posts. There are also vendors on that list who do not have a single module compatible with the latest version of Dolphin, so why are they being promoted and vendors who are actually keeping your product alive get demoted ?
Modzzz, you are not the only one that wants Andrew Boon to answer this.
modzzz is a great vendor , i have never had problems , the mods are amazing also.
I also think that modzzz is among very few vendors who actually really should have trusted vendor status. If he loose it tell us why Andrew ?
What we can expect most important changes in 7.1.5?
Here is roadmap of upcoming 7.1.5 version:
Thank you. Can we expect the function in module "music" - embed? It would be very useful. For example, with the soundcloud or zippyshare embed music.
You are welcome.
Sorry, we can't add new features to minor versions, only minor enhancements.
Trusted Vendors now have special fields in their profiles, which they must fill ASAP: * Skills * Timezone * Working hours * Availability * Spoken languages * Country location.

I do not see any of this when i edit my profile. So where is it?
Sorry, we will add this part ASAP and will send trusted vendors email to update the info.
First Andrew, answer Modzzz; he deserves an answer from you. Secondly, you slapped a lot of good vendors in the face by removing their trusted vendor status and keeping others, such as ESASE that has a defective module that he refuses to fix, as trusted vendors. I think you need to apologise and fix this. You should have removed all the trusted vendors and then let the customers of the market decide who should have the trusted vendor badge.
yes ESASE take my money didn't add the mod to my account and didn't reply to any of my messages been waiting for over 6 weeks now. modzzz reply right ways and give the support expected he have over 200 mods and all deserve a big 10.
Andrew Boon
Re: removal / not listing of some vendors as "Trusted".

We make this selection based mostly on "impression". Admittedly, this way we may be including less deserving and excluding more deserving Vendors. Impression, however is often different depending on circumstances and perspective. Ours comes from position of people that get reports and feedback that others don't often see publicly. We do not have any vested interest when selecting one Vendor over another. We may, however, see more have more information about our own current or former employees and thus make a more informed decision (and in this case we have made both positive and negative judgements on different occasions). Basically, "Trusted Developer" is someone we've been witnessing consistently here at BoonEx, with little or no complaints sent to us (in frustration of not being able to negotiate issues directly with the vendor), with mostly original products and timely response to support queries.

Please, do not take offence and accept my apologies for either not including or removing you from the list. We know full well that client-provider relationships may be bumpy at times and we also understand that we may not know enough to make a call. We decided to try and make a call anyway, because that's what our clients ask us to do routinely. We get emails asking "who would you personally recommend?". So we answer this question, in a way.

Regarding Modzzz. We have given the "Trusted" status to Modzzz in the first place and their input to the community and BoonEx Market has been invaluable. Lately we've been hearing about some issues that led to decision to pull the recommendation, for now. This is not a pleasant verdict to make and we look forward to future improvements and changes.
No, it appeared that list was made on some other criteria. jtadeo is on that list and he is not even active in the community any longer, he does not have ANY products in the market. Andrew, please tell us how someone who is not active in the community and has no products in the Market could be a trusted vendor? ESASE is on that list. ESASE is the one that has a defective product and when I asked him to fix it he claimed it was a "feature" and that I would need to PAY him to fix it. see more He won't upgrade his products, he won't fix his defective products; so how is he on the list? Who is CitizenKane and why are they on the list? They have two products, free, but they are outdated and it is not even sure what version they are for. Evidently CitizenKane is no longer a part of the Dolphin community either yet they are on the list as a trusted vendor? It does not make any sense.

It is evident that what Boonex considers impressionable and what the rest of the community does is very far apart. Solution? Just remove everyone from the trusted vendor list and let the community as a whole decided who is a trusted vendor.
geek_girl, not sure why you singled me out, but I can understand how you feel about this issue, however from what I am gathering, that list (I understand) is not final or set in stone.
Andrew Boon
Regarding the three Vendors you've mentioned - we've had chance to have close communication with them in different situations and on different occasions. We know their "stance", if you will, well enough to put our word for them, that's all.
Andrew, have you stopped to think that if Boonex lists a few vendors as "Trusted", then all other vendors must be "Untrusted" by Boonex. You are sure dumping a lot of vendors into that category. Ilbellodelweb and others, must be disappointed in realizing that Boonex feels they can't be trusted.
Andrew Boon
Well, maybe the word choice is confusing... what would you recommend?
Most companies that buy things, have an "Approved Vendors" list for any given component that must be outsourced. Approved Vendors lists need to be product specific, and there absolutely must be a clearly defined criteria that a vendor must meet to be placed on the list. Conversely, there should be a clearly defined criteria on how an approved vendor would get dropped from a list.

In the case of this site's Market, products should be divided into general categories such as Templates, see more modules, hosting, coder for hire.... etc, and you could maintain an approved vendors list for each category. In that way, customers will better know what vendor is best suited for a particular product or service. In other words, a vendor on the list of approved vendors for templates, may not necessarily be the best person to go to for modules.

Yes, it's a bit more work than what you do now, but all that spare time you have on your hands is probably driving you nuts anyway.
I have an idea that I have posted towards the bottom that may help.
geek_girl are so right. they need to put back modzzz and remove ESASE and some of the other venders that don't have any mods that support d7.1 to.4 and stop supporting your friends over others it clear to me that's what ya'll doing.
sorry but andrew this is wrong so what you are saying is that if we went by the complaints your company has received both public and not public you cant be listed as trusted.
i don't ever get into any of this but i have been an active part of dolphin since the Expertzzz days and before this is such an unfair way it should be based on 1 the amount the developer contributes toward dolphin
2 how much they help out in forums and also how much support they offer for there own mods
3 a ratio of there see more sales minus complaints anyone who sells as many mods as modzzz or for instance any other developer will receive some complaints but you should also discuss this with the developer by saying hey we have received X Y or Z please get it sorted if this continues to happen you will loose trusted all you are doing is forcing the very people that have always mad the biggest contributions towards dolphin bar boonex.
sorry but just my thoughts
Andrew, this is not how people do business in the real world. Basically, you have tried and convicted me in your kangaroo court without getting any input from me. If you got reports, shouldn't I be contacted to get my side of the story ? At no point did you or any of your staff contact me about any reported "issues" so your response comes as a great surprise. The only issue I recall having with anyone over the past year is an incomplete project in which the client received a full refund. see more In your recent response, you mentioned release of mainly "original" products so that seem to be the real reason why I was removed. I thought this was an open marketplace where competition was welcomed to improve vendor performance and to give client choices. The real problem with me is because I released a few products recently that are similar in nature to products previously released by ESASE. However, that was done based on client requests and the fact that ESASE does not upgrade his products anymore. I have maybe 20 products that are similar to other market products and over 150 unique products. Wouldn't you call that a mainly "original" portfolio ? Is this a clear signal that vendor competition is not welcomed on Boonex ?
I have to stand behind Modzzz - as Im here for really long time and also use some modzzz modules. And why I do stand behind him ? Because as dolphin user I need quality and trustable vendors and its only few of such vendors here - nad by my opinion modzz is one of them - I need that vendors to keep updates for their mods and release new ones - as whole dolphin basicly is usable only with 3rd party modules. If you Andrew demotivate such good vendors as Modzzz to actually be part of dolphin project see more it affect us - dolphin users. I think you should review your decision and bringt back Modzzz to trusted vendor status. If there was some serious issue why u decided to remove him from Trusted .. tell us all - so we know what happened...
I agree i also think that he deserved to be at #1 on that page. as a customer i keep buying from cause i get what i pay for.
Look at some of the names on the list. Some are no longer active in the community and have no products. How can someone that is not active in the community and have no products be a trusted vendor. I don't understand; it makes no sense.
I agree with geek_girl. It's hard to trust. Some vendors had good rates, positive comments. I have purchased some of these modules...now not exist or not be updated. It's a bit unfair, the more that it is a paid modules/templates.
I typically do not weigh in on things like this but perhaps I should more often. I have pumped a fair amount of change into this market so I feel I've either earned my right to speak or purchased my fair share of stock in this topic. I have delt with and purchased more than several mods from the market from many vendors. My inventory of mods have delt mostly with Modzzz products because most are unique in nature for my needs and 99 percent of the time work from the get go. Products that are see more faulty are addressed and corrected promptly. I also know when I message him he will respond. More than can be said for some. I love the products of idbwelloweb (prob spelled that wrong) but the support for his products are pretty bad. He typically just tells you its your fault. However looking at it I assume he makes the most market revenue. Though I love his products I avoid dealing with him now and I wish that just was not the case. Modzzz however whether its my fault or not he helps me figure it out. Him and Deano have been amazing to me as a customer and with my general forum post. Andrew I too disagree and do not think you're serving your community well by not having Modzzz as a trusted vendor. So there you have it from one of the people who regualry pump money into this market and who and how I want to deal.
I agree, Modzzz should be on trusted vendors.
AndrewP also so far as my service from him has been.

one of those listed on the 'current' trusted vendors list I have had to go to great lengths to get a module from them to work... not sure how that list was selected, (yes I've read the vague explanation) but it doesn't seem to reflect the experience of many of the members here who are actually customers. Surely, should be taken in to consideration who the customers think are trusted vendors as see more a key element of selection.
So basically what Andrew and Boonex has done, there are a few on the list that I consider trust worthy, is to take the Trusted Vendor status and made it even more of a joke than it use to be. Leaving vendors on that list that were part of the reason why the community started the debate on Trusted Vendor status in the first place was a slap in the face of the community and a slap in the face of vendors that have worked hard to contribute to Boonex. I agree with Modzzz that is not the way to run see more a business in the real world. Andrew, you have hurt the image of Boonex with this move. I suggest you take the time this weekend to reflect on this change with the Trusted Vendors. There is nothing wrong with admitting one has made an error in judgement; the wrong comes when you don't correct the error.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for the suggestion. I am indeed reflecting on the change this weekend and am pondering future changes. More here - http://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Trusted-Vendors-Andrew-that-is-for-us-to-decide.htm#228637 .
30% all orders... so I am unable to upgrade my advanced membership to premium membership... dang! That was my first impression of 'all orders' from Boonex.
Andrew Boon
We'd be happy to upgrade you to Premium with discount. It just has to be done manually. You can either upgrade and wait for partial refund, or just send the discounted amount directly via PayPal to uno@boonex.com for further manual processing.
Happy New Year ))
eager to see the new advances in mobile version
@Andrew Boon

Fine Andrew, if you think ESASE belongs as a trusted vendor then I am requesting you to politely ask him to fix his defective Traffic Inspector module. I also have some messages I can share where he indicated to another Boonex customer that he had fixed the module when the updated date still showed back in February of 2013; in effect it appeared as if he may have been deceitful in order to get a sale; please note I say "may have been", I am not saying he was. I will be see more happy to provide you with copies of the messages.

You can also read through this forum topic: http://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Opinions-on-a-dispute-with-a-module-developer.htm

Thank you and I look forward to your response.
-Geek Girl
Andrew Boon
Sure, Geek Girl!

I'll pass it on, see how they respond, and make note of the case in further consideration of their listing as a Trusted Vendor.
You are very terrible customer. I suggest to all vendors don't work with you. Go home and drink a cup of tea!
Casal Pimenta
You're alive Esase?
Never answer when I ask for an email update their modules that paid for Dolphin 7.1
Maybe now resurrected solves some work!
We don't choose customers, but customers are choosing us...
Andrew Boon
At this stage I have to recommend you two to have this discussion in private or via dispute forums. From my understanding a refund has been offered and there was a followup in communication. There's obviously a conflict of opinion on what the product should/shouldn't do. We have a section for feedback on your purchases for cases like that and also there's always a refund route. At this stage I don't see this situation as sufficient to pull the status, though.
Hey Andrew, I have a suggestion for you. How about first getting rid of the words 'trusted' and 'vendor' first. I would implement something like the 'eBay' system. For example, anyone who lists at least 1 item in the Market can be a 'Seller' (paid or free). If that 'seller' reaches a specific goal such as 10+ products and/or 25+ sales, they would automatically advance to a 'Top Seller'. That way you leave out any words that refer to BoonEx 'trusting', 'approving', or 'recommending' the seller. A see more 'Top Seller' would ONLY mean they 'fit the criteria'. Update the rating system for products. Right now its just 'stars'. You should include words like 'Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent' with the rating depending on the 'stars' (ex. 0-1 star = poor, 5 = Excellent).

Then, If the person is a seller, have an 'badge' of some sort (one for seller, one for top seller) and have that displayed on their BoonEx profile WITH and average of ALL ratings combined from all their products. So for example, if BonnEx123 is a 'Top Seller' who has 15 products in the Market that have 12 Excellent and 3 Good ratings , on their profile page would be a 'Top Seller' icon and right beside it would be the word 'Excellent' with 5 stars. It make take some work to do this, but I believe in the end, it would work the best for everyone. This will also get more people to rate/review products also.
I forgot to mention that if the seller removes their items from the market or falls below the criteria for 'Top Seller' they should automatically be removed as a 'seller' or demoted from 'top seller' to just 'seller'. So some obviously database queries will be needed :)
Zarcon, you are right on the money! Andrew, to list a vendor as Trusted or Preferred is a legal liability that Boonex is putting themselves in by recommending a product and quantifying their work as quality. This should only be done by both things that Zarcon has identified. THere should be a ranking of # of sales/products sold (easy fix of 10 minutes) by showing the number of sales transactions a vendor has overall as well as by category. List them as a Power Seller... or whatever moniker you desire. see more Then when a person peruses templates category, the sellers with the highest volume appear at top, or have icons easily identifying them.

As far as the Trusted status..... that should be only based upon the overall ratings of CONFIRMED purchases. Let the community police itself, and if a person doesn't do their job, then the subsequent rating will drop them out automatically if they fall below an 80% approval... or 4 of 5 stars on product ratings. Add a Ratings link to the Cart History, and be done with this situation.
Thanks richmanfl! I figure if that type of rating system works for a huge giant like eBay, it would be a great 'template' that BoonEx could do as well. Having a system like this where you have visible/detailed rankings and levels like Seller, Top Seller, Power Seller (like you mentioned) would be a very direct way of letting customers know about these sellers/products.
Andrew Boon
I agree, and we're rethinking the wording and approach now.
It's not enough to have x number of products and/or x number of sales. What if a person has 10 mediocre modules that over a long period of time eventually combine to meet the minimum number of sales to be a 'Top Seller'? Would you be okay with calling them a 'Top Seller'... I wouldn't. The revised system should only track the last 12 (18?) months of sales so modules that decline in popularity will eventually be reflected in the seller's current rating. Now we don't want sellers to remove older see more modules (since not everyone upgrades) once they begin to lower their seller rating so the system could allow a way to clearly tag older modules that are no longer popular... and by doing so the "Top Seller" rating system would ignore them when doing calculations. Another issue... the system should take into account the number of sales relative to the number of modules being sold... so a new seller with a couple of very good modules can compete with an established seller with a multitude of modules... not all "very good". One possibility is for each product to be considered on it's own... thus a seller with many "very popular" modules would be recognized many times... while a seller with only one "very popular" module would only be recognized once. The underlying idea is to make as many of the calculations as subjective as possible by using "hard" facts, i.e. number of modules, number of sales, and date of sales. We could also take into account the date of the last update to the code but that's too easy to manipulate by the vendors.
As I stated in my post, the number of products available would determine the label of Seller, Top Seller, Power Seller or whatever they want to call it. The key is the average ratings of products or what could be referred to as 'reputation'. So in your example, if you had a person who sold 15 products, but only sold 1 of each, and each review rating was excellent, would they be a Top Seller? Of course they would. 1 - they fit the criteria of modules in the Market, 2 - the average rating was excellent. see more Now, if they person received all 'poor' reviews, would they still be a top seller? Yes, because that 'label' only comes from meeting the criteria of items in the Market. Unfortunately, that 'Top Seller' would have a 'Poor' average rating though. The issue with your suggestion is this, there are only 2 things you can calculate here, number of products and review ratings. Again this may be a verbiage thing, so maybe using something like 'Basic Seller', 'Advanced Seller', 'Premium Seller' may be better. Using the date may not be sufficient since some sellers have had their modules out there for quite some time but just keep updating it. This should be based on ALL modules regardless of when it was added.
Then we disagree on what a "Top Seller" is and how it should be calculated. Under your scheme, a vendor could put up 10 crappy modules and "sell" one of each to his buddy (or an alias) who then upon giving them all a 5-star review will make him a "Top Seller". Not everyone reviews vendors so the data collected is a sampling at best and could easily be skewed. By using hard data, such as number of sales in the last 12 months, the system should be more accurate. As see more for your assertion that I would exclude modules that were created some time ago, you have misunderstood. I'm well aware that some very good modules have been kept (or been designed to be) in very good working condition and are very popular... so should be included in calculations. My suggestion was to allow vendors with older modules that get few sales to have the option to keep them listed but tagged as "older" (or some appropriate wording) so they can be ignored in calculations *IF* such calculations are based on a group of modules and their combined sales. Maybe what is need is both a rating system based solely on hard facts and a separate one based on buyer feedback. However, I would suggest anything based on buyer feedback require a healthy minimum of input before any kind of assertion is concluded from the feedback... thus eliminating the possibility that a single 5-star review for a product could allow it to be translated into label of "Top Seller". Plus the age of the review should be taking into account since I have found cases where vendors started out, some years ago, getting great reviews then appear to have stopped offering "great" support... resulting in a growing number of slowly (if at all) answered requests for help. Only recent reviews (last 12 months?) should be considered... that's what I'm interested in knowing, i.e. is this vendor currently active in properly supporting his modules?
I totally understand your point and do not disagree with calculating in the number of sales somehow. We can go back and forth all day long probably, but in order for this to work buyers NEED TO POST REVIEWS (good or bad). I can't tell you how many market items that I know for a fact have been sold, but yet do not have a single review on them. So until people start posting reviews, none of this will work properly.
One of the suggestions i made a while back on that was to do something like netflix does after you have watched a movie.

A few days after someone makes a purchase, the site should present a section at the top of the page showing the module they purchased and ask them to review it. I believe that will increase the number of reviews, and the more reviews there are, the more accurate any automated system will be.
Absolutely. I have noticed that Amazon will send me emails when I buy something asking me to review the product if I haven't done it.
Congrats Andrew for the awesome work in 2013 and all the best for 2014. Happy New Year to the whole Boonex Team!

BTW, I was surprised not to see my name in the list of trusted vendors. I have been here for over 3 years with 100s of +ve reviews. I believe I only had 1 dispute in all these years and that too was due to some confusion and resolved amicably. Would love to know what extra I need to do to get that premium badge :)

Andrew Boon
We're changing this system again now, this time to a more automated, but hopefully more meaningful. Stay tuned!
Casal Pimenta
I think all this worrying.
Suppliers have products that are not on your list.
Good modules when updated as of IlBelloDelWeb.it
Imagine if he withdraws from BoonEx market on account of its evaluation.
How shall we customers who invest in their products?
This is just one example among dozens of others.
Maybe a field to vote in the vendor profile could help.
Create a range of points added to each vote to elevate the vendor for one, two, three, four and five star hotels.
Think about it see more ....
Andrew Boon
Yep, this is pretty much what we're working on. Automated "grades" and positive feedback %%.
I think you have this grading all ass about face, you aren't buying the person but rather the product. Why don't the products get rated, and not people, because it just says negative about those not graded, who might have excellent products. The market is about products and whether they are updated ect, .......p r o d u c t s........
honestly I don't comment anymore, because where there once was focus on the product dolphin, and the real world, this place has become more like a club of people see more who just complain to listen to the sound of there own voice. Its depressing actually. I am sorry for anyone with ambition now, that use to be me.
Andrew Boon
Products have rates for a long time and get listed accordingly. They also have feedback and ratings chart. We talk about vendors rating not because it is somehow more important than products rating, but because it's not done right yet.
I thought I commented on this but I don't see it in the list. I am new here but I would like to say that of all the vendors modzzz, Deano, and Andrew appear to have the best modules. I have only purchased from modzzz, and he has been very helpful and responded quickly. I think his modules were very well thought out, he obviously has spent a lot of time on them and in creating useful modules that Dolphin users need. I had some problems with other scripts and the people that create the module and see more have serious trust issues with them and I feel that modzzz should have the trusted vendor status. I also have to add that that status is huge for people such as myself when it comes to the decision making process.
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