Andrew Boon
Re: removal / not listing of some vendors as "Trusted".

We make this selection based mostly on "impression". Admittedly, this way we may be including less deserving and excluding more deserving Vendors. Impression, however is often different depending on circumstances and perspective. Ours comes from position of people that get reports and feedback that others don't often see publicly. We do not have any vested interest when selecting one Vendor over another. We may, however, see more have more information about our own current or former employees and thus make a more informed decision (and in this case we have made both positive and negative judgements on different occasions). Basically, "Trusted Developer" is someone we've been witnessing consistently here at BoonEx, with little or no complaints sent to us (in frustration of not being able to negotiate issues directly with the vendor), with mostly original products and timely response to support queries.

Please, do not take offence and accept my apologies for either not including or removing you from the list. We know full well that client-provider relationships may be bumpy at times and we also understand that we may not know enough to make a call. We decided to try and make a call anyway, because that's what our clients ask us to do routinely. We get emails asking "who would you personally recommend?". So we answer this question, in a way.

Regarding Modzzz. We have given the "Trusted" status to Modzzz in the first place and their input to the community and BoonEx Market has been invaluable. Lately we've been hearing about some issues that led to decision to pull the recommendation, for now. This is not a pleasant verdict to make and we look forward to future improvements and changes.
No, it appeared that list was made on some other criteria. jtadeo is on that list and he is not even active in the community any longer, he does not have ANY products in the market. Andrew, please tell us how someone who is not active in the community and has no products in the Market could be a trusted vendor? ESASE is on that list. ESASE is the one that has a defective product and when I asked him to fix it he claimed it was a "feature" and that I would need to PAY him to fix it. see more He won't upgrade his products, he won't fix his defective products; so how is he on the list? Who is CitizenKane and why are they on the list? They have two products, free, but they are outdated and it is not even sure what version they are for. Evidently CitizenKane is no longer a part of the Dolphin community either yet they are on the list as a trusted vendor? It does not make any sense.

It is evident that what Boonex considers impressionable and what the rest of the community does is very far apart. Solution? Just remove everyone from the trusted vendor list and let the community as a whole decided who is a trusted vendor.
geek_girl, not sure why you singled me out, but I can understand how you feel about this issue, however from what I am gathering, that list (I understand) is not final or set in stone.
Andrew Boon
Regarding the three Vendors you've mentioned - we've had chance to have close communication with them in different situations and on different occasions. We know their "stance", if you will, well enough to put our word for them, that's all.
Andrew, have you stopped to think that if Boonex lists a few vendors as "Trusted", then all other vendors must be "Untrusted" by Boonex. You are sure dumping a lot of vendors into that category. Ilbellodelweb and others, must be disappointed in realizing that Boonex feels they can't be trusted.
Andrew Boon
Well, maybe the word choice is confusing... what would you recommend?
Most companies that buy things, have an "Approved Vendors" list for any given component that must be outsourced. Approved Vendors lists need to be product specific, and there absolutely must be a clearly defined criteria that a vendor must meet to be placed on the list. Conversely, there should be a clearly defined criteria on how an approved vendor would get dropped from a list.

In the case of this site's Market, products should be divided into general categories such as Templates, see more modules, hosting, coder for hire.... etc, and you could maintain an approved vendors list for each category. In that way, customers will better know what vendor is best suited for a particular product or service. In other words, a vendor on the list of approved vendors for templates, may not necessarily be the best person to go to for modules.

Yes, it's a bit more work than what you do now, but all that spare time you have on your hands is probably driving you nuts anyway.
I have an idea that I have posted towards the bottom that may help.
geek_girl are so right. they need to put back modzzz and remove ESASE and some of the other venders that don't have any mods that support d7.1 to.4 and stop supporting your friends over others it clear to me that's what ya'll doing.
sorry but andrew this is wrong so what you are saying is that if we went by the complaints your company has received both public and not public you cant be listed as trusted.
i don't ever get into any of this but i have been an active part of dolphin since the Expertzzz days and before this is such an unfair way it should be based on 1 the amount the developer contributes toward dolphin
2 how much they help out in forums and also how much support they offer for there own mods
3 a ratio of there see more sales minus complaints anyone who sells as many mods as modzzz or for instance any other developer will receive some complaints but you should also discuss this with the developer by saying hey we have received X Y or Z please get it sorted if this continues to happen you will loose trusted all you are doing is forcing the very people that have always mad the biggest contributions towards dolphin bar boonex.
sorry but just my thoughts
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