sorry but andrew this is wrong so what you are saying is that if we went by the complaints your company has received both public and not public you cant be listed as trusted.
i don't ever get into any of this but i have been an active part of dolphin since the Expertzzz days and before this is such an unfair way it should be based on 1 the amount the developer contributes toward dolphin
2 how much they help out in forums and also how much support they offer for there own mods
3 a ratio of there see more sales minus complaints anyone who sells as many mods as modzzz or for instance any other developer will receive some complaints but you should also discuss this with the developer by saying hey we have received X Y or Z please get it sorted if this continues to happen you will loose trusted all you are doing is forcing the very people that have always mad the biggest contributions towards dolphin bar boonex.
sorry but just my thoughts
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