Zarcon, you are right on the money! Andrew, to list a vendor as Trusted or Preferred is a legal liability that Boonex is putting themselves in by recommending a product and quantifying their work as quality. This should only be done by both things that Zarcon has identified. THere should be a ranking of # of sales/products sold (easy fix of 10 minutes) by showing the number of sales transactions a vendor has overall as well as by category. List them as a Power Seller... or whatever moniker you desire. see more Then when a person peruses templates category, the sellers with the highest volume appear at top, or have icons easily identifying them.

As far as the Trusted status..... that should be only based upon the overall ratings of CONFIRMED purchases. Let the community police itself, and if a person doesn't do their job, then the subsequent rating will drop them out automatically if they fall below an 80% approval... or 4 of 5 stars on product ratings. Add a Ratings link to the Cart History, and be done with this situation.
Thanks richmanfl! I figure if that type of rating system works for a huge giant like eBay, it would be a great 'template' that BoonEx could do as well. Having a system like this where you have visible/detailed rankings and levels like Seller, Top Seller, Power Seller (like you mentioned) would be a very direct way of letting customers know about these sellers/products.
Andrew Boon
I agree, and we're rethinking the wording and approach now.
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