I totally understand your point and do not disagree with calculating in the number of sales somehow. We can go back and forth all day long probably, but in order for this to work buyers NEED TO POST REVIEWS (good or bad). I can't tell you how many market items that I know for a fact have been sold, but yet do not have a single review on them. So until people start posting reviews, none of this will work properly.
One of the suggestions i made a while back on that was to do something like netflix does after you have watched a movie.

A few days after someone makes a purchase, the site should present a section at the top of the page showing the module they purchased and ask them to review it. I believe that will increase the number of reviews, and the more reviews there are, the more accurate any automated system will be.
Absolutely. I have noticed that Amazon will send me emails when I buy something asking me to review the product if I haven't done it.
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