I think you have this grading all ass about face, you aren't buying the person but rather the product. Why don't the products get rated, and not people, because it just says negative about those not graded, who might have excellent products. The market is about products and whether they are updated ect, .......p r o d u c t s........
honestly I don't comment anymore, because where there once was focus on the product dolphin, and the real world, this place has become more like a club of people see more who just complain to listen to the sound of there own voice. Its depressing actually. I am sorry for anyone with ambition now, that use to be me.
Andrew Boon
Products have rates for a long time and get listed accordingly. They also have feedback and ratings chart. We talk about vendors rating not because it is somehow more important than products rating, but because it's not done right yet.
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