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I don't see why Boonex can not offer a 30% on Premium membership. The discount for licenses will far exceed the discount on a Premium membership. It would have been nice to at least answer our request.
LOL, you mean next year? I have been looking at a premium membership just to sell in the market. I am very hesitant to pay $149.00 just to sell in the market when I keep hearing how modules are not selling. In fact, just recently a developer took down a module because it was not selling. I might just forget about selling anything in the market.
Andrew Boon
But you are a Premium member already. ;). We really do appreciate people's taking time to get involved in Boonex discussions, follow news and share opinion.
HA... The only products I'd ever post are free ones, but I'd have to pay $149 to do so. I paid that fee once... then it expired after a year. I don't so much object to the $149... it's paying that fee so I can give something away to some of these brain-dead numnuts around here that I can't stand the thought of. Oh well...'t hell with 'em
Andrew Boon
Premium membership is permanent now. One-time fee. We will also think of how we can accommodate Providers posting free products. One idea was to reimburse membership fee as soon as certain amount of positive feedback is reached. This membership is not a great money-maker for us, it's more of a way to pre-select Provider-wannabies to minimise spam.

[you're Premium too, btw]
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