You are correct HL - it is a totally and completely useless feature. This has already been well studied in the social media industry - hashtags work on Twitter, but have mostly failed on both Facebook and Google+ It seems as if they didn't even do a minimal amount of research here - they just decided something like this would be cool. For all the years I have been on what was once their user community, I don't recall even once someone saying hashtags was important to them
I'm rapidly approaching the point where I just don't care anymore. I may soon jerk the plug on ALL of my web projects and move on to other things. We'll have a whole new crowd of people that will now want to be just like twitter.... or "better than twitter". No one seems to give a rat's ass how difficult it is to use Dolphin for a serious grown up site, or anything business related. All the third party developers around here seem to care about is catering to all the dating/porn/facebook see more wannabes around here that want to make the greatest site on earth by being just like Facebook. The norm around here, is someone building some obscure gay hookup site, who only care's about payment processing on their irrelevant creepy little site so that their members can have a peep at someone else's private parts. The majority of Dolphin users have no higher ambitions than maintaining their erection. It's nauseating. The third party developers here, for the most part, cater to this mentality. We are victims of a community that caters to those with the lowest ambitions and creativity. It's a community that inspires developers like Modzzz to create that pretend-to-be-a-domesticated-animal module. It all reminds me of something a professor told the class constantly: "If all you can do is bark, then bark and be proud of it". I never did agree with that sentiment, but somehow this place reminds me of it.

I asked for a section on where people could suggest new modules for development in a way that might actually produce results. It was like I was talking to a wall. I'm not sure I care about that anymore either.
[edited out by Andrew Boon - "Constructive criticism - welcome. Mouthing off tirades - not welcome. Please, refrain.]
I am sorry you also censored the comment about hashtags - there was nothing inflammatory about it - they have only worked in Twitter itself - both Facebook and Google+ have learned that they don't work with longer posts and anyone who had done a minimal amount of research would know that. I am just the messenger and if this is too much for you, then you should go read what your own community is saying about this.
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