Dolphin U - Alpha 6

Andrew Boon posted 9th of October 2014 in News. 24 comments.

Dolphin U development is further progressing, with almost all planned features finally emerging and small refinements coming in droves . There're still some known issues, a few nifty things to add and a fair bit of polishing to do, but Dolphin U is definitely shaping up as a fantastic community platform!


Main Improvements in Alpha 6

-  In this update we've improved integration with Boonex (oath php extension not required, payments for modules, modules auto-updates), so it is now actually possible to upload Dolphin U extensions to Market, download and install them. 


- The UNI template is now called Lagoon and we're adding a second template called Ocean. Two templates give better idea of how template switching works, what aspects of design can be changed and how just a few tweaks can create a specific impression. Ocean is also based on more "traditional" blue colour scheme... 




Yes, Studio too!





- Module Notes has been renamed to Posts. Looks like too often people confuse the word "note" with something used for remembering, rather than publishing. We wouldn't argue, so Posts it is. 


- Posts now have "meta images". You know how sometimes you share an article via Facebook and a completely wrong picture is automatically picked to represent your "share thumbnail". To avoid that Dolphin U can now tell Facebook (and the likes of it) which picture must be used for re-posting. 


Now, to the fun part...


Location Tags

Dolphin U now supports automatic location tags. We added them to Posts, but obviously they would work great for all kinds of content. When user is turning location "ON" Dolphin will automatically request location from the device/browser. Looks like this...



And once posted...



As you can see in location both the town and country are links. Those trigger search for all the content from the location - either the town or the whole country. 



Data needs categorisation. Dolphin U now features metadata format called "Hashtags". They're non-hierarchical keywords that can be created just by adding # (hash) symbol before any word within a post. Simple as that. Once content is posted hashtags turn into links that show all posts or other data with those hashtags. Unlike with the "old-fashioned" meta-tags there's no need for a separate input form. Keywords are created while typing the main content body. This concept is particularly popular with Twitter, but is rapidly becoming popular on Facebook and other social networks. Uninterrupted creative flow FTW!



See how hashtags cohesively work within context of every sentence. Readers are often"blind" to meta-data links, not even looking at them sometimes, because they're just not part of the content. Hashtags are part of content; they are highly engaging and creating them is both easy and addictive! 


Links and Plugs

Plug 1: This is Alpha. Not feature-final. Not tested. Not to be used on production sites.

Plug 2: Download package is from yesterday, so for the latest version refer to online demo or GitHub repo.

Plug 3: Alpha 7 is coming in about a week.


Access details (download and demo)
GitHub Repo
Dolphin U Forum
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nice ..i was expecting beta version..but m happy to see the progress..and alpha 7 in a like programmers r on steroid..btw i like the previous homepage..this one looks like D7..

so there is no notes ..only posts..will post have features of including image and others stuff..
That's a good news. Thx!
Would there be a section for daily top 10 #Hashtags on home page? I think that would be a great idea to add that feature. I think more people would love to know what other users are talking about on that day.
Andrew Boon
Well, now that the hashtags are there we can make all kids of nifty lists... like trending topics, popular hashtags, latest hashtags, etc.
So you really are inventing Twitter. Pretty soon every word in every language on earth will have a hash tag preceding it. I think that may already be the case.

its a great feature even facebook used it but only difference is, twitter shows whats trending on homepage. I wana kill the use of twitter in my country :p but hashtags don't merge from all websites in 1 place i think :D this feature keep people engaged by knowing other people also talking about some thing same ;)
You are correct HL - it is a totally and completely useless feature. This has already been well studied in the social media industry - hashtags work on Twitter, but have mostly failed on both Facebook and Google+ It seems as if they didn't even do a minimal amount of research here - they just decided something like this would be cool. For all the years I have been on what was once their user community, I don't recall even once someone saying hashtags was important to them
I'm rapidly approaching the point where I just don't care anymore. I may soon jerk the plug on ALL of my web projects and move on to other things. We'll have a whole new crowd of people that will now want to be just like twitter.... or "better than twitter". No one seems to give a rat's ass how difficult it is to use Dolphin for a serious grown up site, or anything business related. All the third party developers around here seem to care about is catering to all the dating/porn/facebook see more wannabes around here that want to make the greatest site on earth by being just like Facebook. The norm around here, is someone building some obscure gay hookup site, who only care's about payment processing on their irrelevant creepy little site so that their members can have a peep at someone else's private parts. The majority of Dolphin users have no higher ambitions than maintaining their erection. It's nauseating. The third party developers here, for the most part, cater to this mentality. We are victims of a community that caters to those with the lowest ambitions and creativity. It's a community that inspires developers like Modzzz to create that pretend-to-be-a-domesticated-animal module. It all reminds me of something a professor told the class constantly: "If all you can do is bark, then bark and be proud of it". I never did agree with that sentiment, but somehow this place reminds me of it.

I asked for a section on where people could suggest new modules for development in a way that might actually produce results. It was like I was talking to a wall. I'm not sure I care about that anymore either.
[edited out by Andrew Boon - "Constructive criticism - welcome. Mouthing off tirades - not welcome. Please, refrain.]
I am sorry you also censored the comment about hashtags - there was nothing inflammatory about it - they have only worked in Twitter itself - both Facebook and Google+ have learned that they don't work with longer posts and anyone who had done a minimal amount of research would know that. I am just the messenger and if this is too much for you, then you should go read what your own community is saying about this.
yes i would love to have a trending feature on top right of home page.(on hourly basis trend update) :)
any file module for DU..which can differentiate image , audio and file type...
we can also use this in timeline..
just need to add a play button sign for video while it processed, so it would come up in thumbnail. same could be done with the music files some sign which refers to an audio file.
Looking really clean.
So does a blank page... which is essentially what DU is at this point.
BTW James... what would you charge for about 6 months of your time?
Hey Mr. Houstonlively! True to form. It's largely dependant on what I'm doing and the extent of the work. Why, you got a cool gig for me? PM me please :D
wow brilliant!!! Keep it coming..
[edited out by Andrew Boon - "If something isn't clear, please ask. If asking is too much, please refrain from posting uninformed judgements. Thank you!"]
So now Boonex is censored? A decade of wasted time doesn't qualify me to give an honest opinion? Are you reading what your once loyal community is saying about your product on your own forums? "It's terrible" is about the nicest comment you will hear. I stand by my comment - this has "zero functionality: - anyone can see that by simply going to your demo site and registering. If you had bothered listening to them, you wouldn't be in this mess, and you wouldn't have done so much see more damage to so many small businesses. The truth is, this is no longer an open source product - it is a money making scheme. All you do by censoring is make sure people will express there opinions in a place that is much more visible to the search engines when the time is right - no one wants to see more businesses harmed.
Question : Recent post & outline arent the same thing on home page? Instead of recent, POPULAR for that day would be gud I think. And plz remove auto data clean from your demo site. Blank site don't give any idea of the website. Also want to see if the new Alpha release would effect the data of users.
its going to be two week now..alpha 7 is coming or not..??
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