Looking at the demo site. Don't like the stuff jumping into the timeline, cute at first but then gets tiresome. The items should just be there. I see this way too often; hey, they did that we should to. Hopefully it will not be too much of a job to remove that annoyance. I see another annoyance on the photo page with that block with the flipping photos; movement like that is distracting because humans are wired to react to motion; safety feature to keep from getting eaten by predators. I am see more guessing that block can just be removed from the page so no problem there; or hopefully the images can be static. The problem is Boonex has great coders but no web interface people so they fall into these gotchas . Of course the use of the round avatars needs to go, they look crappy; just because someone else did that does not mean it was a good thing.

Wait, is Dolphin still collapsing replies by default? That should have been fixed considering all the forum posts about it and I think AlexT even said the fix would be added to Dolphin. I can not tell because I don't seem to have the login for the Beta site.
Nathan Paton
I quite like the new style changes and animations. They're fast enough to not be a bother, at least for me. I'm not sure about the random animations on the photo wall, though. I do think the details should show up when you hover over them. Besides that, it's a nice feature.

All of this can be changed in the templates. If I'm in the minority for this, all this needs to be changed. But otherwise, anybody can change the border radius for avatars and make other tweaks for their own site.
Hey Nathan, there is no "hover over" on mobile devices, lol.
Nathan Paton
Back in the 90s, we used these large, black boxes called "desktops". Some still use them to this day, with a strange tool called a "mouse".

Joking aside, there's plenty of things you can't do on mobile. Doesn't mean you should limit desktop users.
Back in the 50s TVs use to be these tiny screens that you could hardly see, gee, we have come back to that era. LOL
I'm not into this sliding timeline thingy either. It all feels too jumpy. I hope there's a way to turn it off.
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