Dolphin Pro 7.2 Beta 2

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of August 2015 in News. 37 comments.

July was a bug-squashing month. Thanks to community report we have been able to identify and fix a whole lot of issues in the recently announced Dolphin 7.2 Beta. It seemed overwhelming at first, though only natural for the amount of new features and improvements that we came up with. Today, we have the second beta for you. This time it should be much more stable and smooth. 


Along with all the fixes we added a couple of improvements:


command line tool for Dolphin installation

- updated Timeline on site Homepage 


Timeline on Homepage is a particularly important addition. Many web-masters recognised the need to it a while ago, and finally we have a good solution. Now you can engage site members to post, share and comment from the moment they come to the site!




Online Demo





- There is NO update pack from 7.1.6 to 7.2b2. 
- You can update from 7.2b1 to 7.2b2 - instructions.
- There WILL be an update  pack from 7.1.6 to 7.2 (full).
- Do not use Beta version for live sites!

We do not plan any more Betas. With any luck we should progress to RC or Final very soon. 


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Looking at the demo site. Don't like the stuff jumping into the timeline, cute at first but then gets tiresome. The items should just be there. I see this way too often; hey, they did that we should to. Hopefully it will not be too much of a job to remove that annoyance. I see another annoyance on the photo page with that block with the flipping photos; movement like that is distracting because humans are wired to react to motion; safety feature to keep from getting eaten by predators. I am see more guessing that block can just be removed from the page so no problem there; or hopefully the images can be static. The problem is Boonex has great coders but no web interface people so they fall into these gotchas . Of course the use of the round avatars needs to go, they look crappy; just because someone else did that does not mean it was a good thing.

Wait, is Dolphin still collapsing replies by default? That should have been fixed considering all the forum posts about it and I think AlexT even said the fix would be added to Dolphin. I can not tell because I don't seem to have the login for the Beta site.
Nathan Paton
I quite like the new style changes and animations. They're fast enough to not be a bother, at least for me. I'm not sure about the random animations on the photo wall, though. I do think the details should show up when you hover over them. Besides that, it's a nice feature.

All of this can be changed in the templates. If I'm in the minority for this, all this needs to be changed. But otherwise, anybody can change the border radius for avatars and make other tweaks for their own site.
Hey Nathan, there is no "hover over" on mobile devices, lol.
Nathan Paton
Back in the 90s, we used these large, black boxes called "desktops". Some still use them to this day, with a strange tool called a "mouse".

Joking aside, there's plenty of things you can't do on mobile. Doesn't mean you should limit desktop users.
Back in the 50s TVs use to be these tiny screens that you could hardly see, gee, we have come back to that era. LOL
I'm not into this sliding timeline thingy either. It all feels too jumpy. I hope there's a way to turn it off.
Best thing i liked is the video timing shown in outline..That was much needed to differentiate between images and videos. Thanks. New timeline look is also cool :)
- Profile Customizer
- Site Customizer

- administration/advanced_settings.php
There is a bug in upgrade script - we'll fix it next update, for a while you can fix it by running the following query and clear db cache:

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `AvailableValues` = 'PHP:bx_import(\'BxDolPayments\'); return BxDolPayments::getInstance()->getPayments();' WHERE `Name` = 'sys_default_payment';
- administration/advanced_settings.php
now good!!
Well, what is the login info for the demo beta so I can test it?
You are free to join and test it, or download standalone version and test it in your environment.
Why not default user accounts like in the 7.1.x demos? Plus no access to an admin demo? No matter, I just downloaded the freaking beta and installed in on my server for testing; that is better anyway than trying to use the Boonex demo.
I timed how long it took me to join the demo site. I did it in 88 seconds.
How soon is "very soon"? ;)
It's sooner than soon, but not as soon as very, very soon. Hope that clears things up.
Nathan Paton
I find this explanation helpful, but not very helpful.
any information on how to install per command line?
Nathan Paton
I'd also like to see some docs for this posted.
Just type it in the install folder:
php cmd.php -h
I am in the process of deciding on a social network platform for a business, and have been researching Dolphin and PHPFox. I am not a programmer, but I am a graphic and website designer for many years, and I do Search Engine Optimization and marketing for clients. I was using the 7.2 Beta 2 Demo until 3 am last night, and I am really liking it. I went through and tested almost feature in it.

The only thing from a user's point of view that I did not like visually was the round avatars, and the see more round profile photo over the banner, especially since the profile photo is right below it on the left side—which I do like that, so maybe not have the profile be round over the banner? Just personal preference based on being taught to avoid using circles in advertising. I like square or low profile portrait rectangle shapes better. Not sure if you can change the shape in the Admin area for this or not, but that is the only thing visually did I did not care for; everything else was really nice looking to me, and logically laid out.

Options that I thought would be great to have:

I would like the option of being able to move things around or hide them on my profile page, like RSS feeds being at the top. I didn't see how to rearrange those boxes, and I am not sure if you can.

I would like to have the option to be able to paste links to Youtube videos in the Video area. Because of copyright issues with music, my finished videos usually have soundtracks supplied from Youtube, so they are way better to view from a Youtube imbed link, rather than uploading the raw video.

It would be great to have the option of size limits for uploads listed as text in each upload area, so people do not waste time uploading something that is too big. I tested that last night, and it took quite a while before I got the error message that the file was too big. I would want the size limits to be able to be listed in each upload area for members on my website.

One thing I did notice, and it may have been because it was 3am and I wasn't doing it right, but when I tested the Add Products function, I accidentally uploaded a photo to the video area. I did not see how to remove my mistake without starting over on the page. It may have just been exhaustion on my part.

Something from Facebook private messaging that I do not like is that you do not have the ability to change or remove what you have typed, like you can in a regular post. I did have a short chat with another Dolphin member a few minutes ago, but now I am not seeing how to access the conversation to test if you can change or remove anything within it. It would be great to have an easily accessible Chat icon at the bottom of the page next to the envelope Mail icon. Just a couple of little features that would make Dolphin way better than Facebook in my humble opinion.

These are a few things I saw that I would like. What I can say is GREAT JOB! Beautiful the way the program resizes in responsive mode, and the way it is set up is really smart. After spending several hours surfing the 7.2 Beta Demo last night, I really love Dolphin and want to buy it for our new business.

The only concerning thing to me is will the plugins work with this new version? We want to also purchase the Dolphin Multiplayer Gamez and Game Zone, which is pretty pricey if it will not work with the new version. I would love to have a definitive answer from someone concerning if the Game Zone will work. I tried to contact the developer, but had no luck. We also want a chat room that can have one or more moderators that is not Flash-based. Those are the only two things we are looking for as additions to this wonderful program to begin with.

Thanks so much, and looking forward to working with you all and learning a lot : )

You can make avatars rectangular by changing the following css in templates/base/css/default.css:
.bx-def-thumbnail {
border-radius: 3px;
-moz-border-radius: 3px;
-webkit-border-radius: 3px;
It will change it almost everywhere.
You can also use another template from the market, when it will be some for 7.2 version.

You can re-arrange block on profile page from admin panel > builders > pages builder. Users can re-arrange own profile's blocks with help of 3rd-party modules - see more

You need to switch to "Embed" option on video upload page and insert youtube link.

Most modules from 7.1 should be compatible with 7.2, I think that developers will update their's mods compatibility when 7.2 release will be available. But it is always better to ask particular author. There is also a community list of compatible modules:
Thanks for your reply, AlexT. I will purchase the new 7.2 version of Dolphin as soon as it is ready.
That list is not very complete.
I registered on the demo site and checked it out. However, it is just me or does the new timeline take up to much screen real estate for a site the cares about content and not just one-liners and photos? I hope graphics and post sizes can be controlled from admin or something that does not require custom coding.
Youtube URL to Dolphin 7.2.0 Beta 2
Embedding Video Failed


my Website:
There should be "Sold Out" option in store. When the product Lister sold the listed product, he/she can mark it as "Sold Out". What do you think about this ?
please add a migration tool.
last update i lost all users photos.
I was testing the new version on two different iPads, and the profile photo is not resizing. I would post a screenshot if I could. Also, if I go to add anything on my older iPad, IOS 5.1.1, Beta 7.2 will crash my browser. The newer iPad I am also testing so far is great. Added an event, with photo etc, and I have not had a crash yet, so it is very stable on iPad IOS 7.1.1: )
there will be upgrade from 7.2 beta 2 to 7.2 rc ?
There's nothing like a little wait for everyone to find the bugs before we swim with the Dolphin upgrades.
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