Nathan Paton
I would also appreciate some clarifications on memberships, and how it affects current users (especially prime and vendors). From the looks of it, starter now has most of the basics, so advanced and premium are really more about the support options. The only change I'd like to see added to starter is to allow communication with other members if messaged first. For example, I message a starter user, and they can then reply back to me. That way I don't have to give them my email on the forums anymore.

And see more because this is always asked when the licenses are talked about, a reminder: Current license holders are not affected by license changes. Your license is life-time, and enables access to all updates and features. If you have the mobile apps, this also doesn't affect you.

That all said, I welcome the switch to GitHub and new support options. The release schedule is also a welcomed addition. And in case anybody is wondering, yes, BoonEx looks to own
Andrew Boon
Good call on allowing communication if contacted first. Will add.

There will be more clarifications on memberships once we work out SLAs and other details.
Nathan Paton
What if support options were a separate subscription, or otherwise current members were grandfathered, and could purchase the support option (e.g., Classic Advanced, Classic Premium)? TBH, there's not much in the other levels that starter doesn't have now, but premium does have the 10% discount.
Andrew Boon
There will be more separation as we go along, but for now we can only comment of things that are relevant to existing functionality. As for current memberships - we just plan to just maintain them as is. Current Premium will stay Premium, current Advanced to stay Advanced. This may prove as a bit of a challenge for our support line at first, but we hope to manage with help of improved Knowledge Base and clear SLA.
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